Best Baking Set for Kids Review and Buying Guide – 2017

Cooking and baking isn’t just a lucrative pastime but also an essential skill to know.

For this reason, it is important to teach the kids about this skill while they are still young. It is inevitable for the parents to feel scared for their kids’ safety because they know that cooking and baking is risky for children.

However, baking isn’t that bad for kids. There are a lot of toys for kids available out there that can be used for real baking. The best baking set for kids is safe and promotes a real–life baking experience that’s fun and hazard-free.

Here is one of the kids real baking set toys for real baking experience:

About Real Cooking

Real Cooking is one of the products owned by SkyRocket which sells toys that provides real baking experience for kids. They’re different kinds of baking sets like the Ultimate Baking Starter Set, Deluxe Cookies Baking Set, Cake Pops and Cones Baking Set, Mini Donuts Set, and Chocolate Pens and Refills.

With their products, children can learn how to make tuxedo cupcakes, cake pops and cookies.

See why other customers love this bakeware set!

Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set Review – 2017

Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set - 37 Pc. Kit Includes Sprinkles, Cake & Frosting Mix review 2017

The tools that make up this set are also designed to teach children the basics of baking

The whole kit includes 37 pieces of accessories which include cake sprinkles, and frosting mix.

The set consists of tools and some ingredients that are used to make cupcakes. The sizes of every tool are perfect for children who have small hands, and as well as for adults.

The tools that make up this set are also designed to teach children the basics of baking. The tools will teach them a proper measurement of dry and wet ingredients and fundamentals of baking. Kids whose age is 6 years old and above can already play with this baking set.

The set has a fail-proof push-button egg cracker that is used to crack eggs without creating a mess. The cracker is designed to hold the egg shells in place.

It has a fast-cooling silicone tray which is also heat-resistant. This feature makes baking safer for kids to keep them from being injured from burns.

The whole kit includes 37 pieces of accessories which include cake sprinkles, and frosting mix

A suction lock bowls are also included in the set. It is designed to have a suction lock technology to prevent it from slipping while your kids use it for mixing stuff.

Baking utensils are also included in the whole set. These are used to measure and mix the batter evenly.

Lastly, there are additional frostings and sprinkles that can be used to make decorative cupcakes that will test your kid’s creativity.

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Breakdown of Features

  • Bowls have unique suction-lock to make mixing easier and prevent the mixture from spilling.
  • The cupcake tray is made from silicone which cools fast and makes cleaning easier.
  • The ingredients are made from USA.
  • All the ingredients needed to make delicious cupcakes such as the mixes, frostings, and sprinkles, are all in included in the packages.
  • There’s an egg cracker available to crack eggs without creating a mess.
  • The set consist of three measuring cups, small bowl, large bowl, suction base, silicone muffin tray, whisk, scraper, piping bag, tips, funfetti cake mix, vanilla cake mix, sprinkles, white frosting, chocolate frosting, manual, and 16 cupcake liners.

Advantages of the Product

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Baking with your kids has never been so fun!

One of this product’s advantages is that this children’s baking set provides a real life baking experience that teaches children the basics of baking.

Baking is a cooking method that is an essential skill to learn. Furthermore, the product teaches the kids simple math and tests their ability to follow instructions.

Most of all, this product provides quality time to enhance the bonding between the parents and kids. The product also gives the children the sense of achievement for the every goods they can bake.

Users love the product because of its uniqueness. It is one of the few baking sets for kids that has an egg cracker and bowls with suction base. They also love the frostings and sprinkles can make almost eleven mini cupcakes.

Provides a real life baking experience that teaches children the basics of baking

In addition to that, the baking tools are appealing to the eyes because they’re all in different colors. The users also love the way the suction base keeps the bowl steady while mixing, because it eliminates the mess that have to be cleaned afterwards.

Disadvantages of the Product

The users have different opinions about this kids baking set, but the majority likes it, which can be proven by its rating.

Some users, who don’t like the baking set, dislike the egg cracker. For them, it doesn’t work well and it’s messy. For them, it would be easier to crack the eggs using your hands. However, the egg cracker is loved by most users.

What I see as the main disadvantage of this product is its tray. The muffin tray can only make four pieces which is too small to make eleven cupcakes.  For this reason, it is just better to use real muffin trays that can make several cupcakes in a single batch of baking.

According to some best baking set for kids reviews, the goods made by this product are not delicious. Nonetheless , taste is subjective and the baked goods might be delicious for some people.


Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set is one of the best baking sets for kids. It is recommended for children who don’t have any experience playing with toys like this before.

There are better products, but this baking set is not that bad as a starter set. This product teaches the kids the basics of baking and other practical lessons that they can use when they grow up. This toy is safe to play with and enjoyed by several kids who experienced playing with the product.

What I think is the real value of this toy is not on the food it can make or the tools that it has, but the opportunity it gives for the children to experience the task that are for adults and the lessons that they can learn from this experience.

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