Best Bread Box Reviews and Buying Guide 2017

Bread boxes have been used for decades upon decades to keep bread fresh through attempts to eliminate retrogradation. When bread goes bad, it doesn’t go bad by becoming dry; it does so through starch transforming into another form.

Now, you may be wondering if bread boxes actually work, and we’ll discuss this amongst many other questions you may have before revealing the best bread boxes we’ve come to find.

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Do Bread Boxes Work?

In short, the answer is yes. Bread boxes work through the elimination of retrogradation, disabling starch to transform into a crystalline version due to water inside of the bread.

When the bread is placed in a cooler temperature, like inside a refrigerator or freezer, the bread stays fresh until you take it out and expose the starch to room temperature. In this case, the bread goes bad much quicker because of the increased moisture and water from freezing.

However, bread boxes are designed to keep out condensation in an area with an optimal amount of airflow. In doing so, the ability for mold to grow is reduced immensely and causes the bread to stay fresh. As an additional bonus, a bread box can provide a safe area for your bread so that pests cannot reach it.

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Are Bread Boxes Effective?

Because of the information mentioned above and from experience, bread boxes are extremely effective. Science doesn’t lie, nor does it tend to change (however, findings and theories do.) Currently, the bread box lengthens the longevity of a loaf of bread. However, in the future, science may change in a way to lengthen that even further, not take away from the current ability to keep your bread fresh.

Bread boxes reign supreme over other methods like freezing and storing in a bag due to their preventative measures with moisture build-up. When you place it in a bag, you’re actually enabling the moisture to build up and seep into your bread, causing mold.

When you take it out of the freezer, you’re speeding up the “going bad” process when the ice melts. A bread box encourages an optimal amount of airflow, while reducing and eliminating condensation to ward off molding.

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How Do They Work?

Bread boxes don’t take much time or effort to begin using them, and they’re often ready to be used once taken out of the box. Typical wood bread boxes allow you to place a loaf of bread inside and shut the front. Some of these wooden bread boxes have an accordion-styled door that rolls down.

When you roll down the door to close off the bread from the world, you’re beginning the process of keeping it fresh for a long time. While doing this, you’re disabling mold spores from accumulating and spreading on your bread.

  • *fun fact* the original intention of the bread box was to keep out pests, but people soon found out that it actually helped the bread stay fresh longer. It seems that it was just one of those “right place at the right time” kind of coincidences.

Because of the airflow and the lack of condensation, mold spores are unable to grow for a long time when using a bread box. Over time, as you expose the bread to air and your natural hand oils, the loaf won’t be good anymore, but it actually takes quite some time for this to happen.

Wooden is best, as it doesn’t attract heat like metal materials do – which can cause issues with your bread going bad. Bread boxes that are more air tight prove to be more effective in the elimination of mold spores growing.

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How Do You Use a Bread Box?

An extremely simple non-mechanical appliance, the bread box is one of the easiest accessories someone in the kitchen can use. No, seriously, even a toddler can use it! While looking at a bread box, you may see a hole in the top. This hole is there for ventilation purposes, but can also be used as a handle if you have one that features a door facing upwards. However, for all bread boxes, the operation process is simple.

  • Now, you’ll want to visually measure to see how many loaves or baked goods you can fit side by side within the bread box.
  • First, you want to open up the bread box door.
  • Then, you’ll want to place your fresh bread in the box and shut the door until needed!

Now, there are other tips on how to use a bread box, including the following:

  • Those who have baguettes should be weary on the size of the bread box. Be prepared to cut the loaf in half or thirds if your bread is long or thick.
  • The same goes for breads that are tall in height, as well. You should be prepared to make it a nice fit within the box – it’s worth mentioning that you won’t decrease the longevity of the bread by cutting it in half before placing within the bread box.
  • Never overfill the bread box, as circulation of air is imperative to the success of the bread box. Those that don’t follow this rule will find that their efforts were wasted and overcrowding killed the bread.
  • Wait until fresh, warm bread is cool enough before placing in the bread box. In doing so, you’ll reduce the amount of moisture your loaf of bread sees. The warmth from a fresh-out-of—the-oven loaf can cause moisture in blocked off spaces – in return; you’ll see mold much quicker.
  • The airflow needed within the bread box is to reduce the amount of condensation found – it won’t add enough moisture for mold like many people think, as this is a myth.
  • You’ll want to make sure the lid is tight enough to eliminate the possibility of pests, rodents, and bugs.

While all these are great to consider, we have a few more bits of information for you to think about before purchasing the best bread box. One is the materials:

Exterior – The exterior of the bread box is critical to the success of the bread box, as well as the interior. However, exterior materials that are efficient in attracting heat in warm climates should be stayed far away from. Wood is a fantastic exterior for bread boxes in many climates. However, the same cannot be said for interiors.

Interior – While it’s not the end of the world, wood inside of a bread box isn’t super good due to moisture that it absorbs. However, metal inside can help maintain the temperature and integrity of the bread. Although, you won’t be seeing it on the outside due to how it reacts to direct heat.

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Why Use a Bread Box?

The aforementioned question may seem a bit redundant, but you can use a bread box for more than bread, too. You can also store some of your baked goods within a bread box and keep them fresh for that much longer. Those who make homemade baked goods often will find solace in the best bread box on the market. However, these aren’t the only reasons you should use a bread box as the following reasons are appealing, too.

Eliminate countertop clutter – When it comes to your kitchen counterspace, you want to maximize space while providing use; all without clutter. Thankfully, with a breadbox, this can be done! Purchasing a bread bin of some sort gives a dash of elegance to your countertop while serving a purpose – two birds with one stone!

Collector’s items – While this may not be at the top of your list of “why should I buy a bread box?” For those who are interested in collecting a new style of item will enjoy knowing that there are many vintage forms of attractive bread bins for collection. As time goes on, they may go up in value depending on who made them and if they’re in production anymore.

They’re naturally fashionable – If you have many appliances that you use to create food magic, adding a matching bread box will amplify the décor of your home, whether you choose wood or stainless – although we suggest that you go with wood for a more modern meets rustic and antique appearance!

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Tips on Choosing a Bread Box

While we’ve already mentioned quite a bit of tips in this article thus far, there are many more you can learn from and require before taking the plunge and purchasing.

For those that live in a smaller space, a bread box can actually add counterspace. Not only will you be able to place baked goods into the bread box, but you can also place things on top of the bread box. Those living in a newly popular tiny home could save a lot of kitchen space by incorporating this one item.

If you happen to live in a warm climate, or one that has a large fluctuation of temperatures daily, a bread box that is wooden is highly recommended. Those that are metal will attract the various temperatures your house soaks in and will have adverse effects on the loaf of bread or other baked goods. Another option for warmer climates is a plastic bread box.

Don’t be afraid to go big! Those with larger countertops and no real qualms for a space saving device will want to look for something that’s larger as it can store more, and serve as a multifunctional piece.

Last but not least, a bread box that has a vacuum seal should automatically send up red flags. The aforementioned is due to the lack of ability to keep air flow through. While you shouldn’t have too much air in your bread box, you must have some in order to keep the bread fresh.

Now, before you go out and buy one, check out our reviews below of the best modern bread box, best vintage bread box, and most importantly: the best wooden bread box. Some will be roll top and others will have a lift styled door.

It’s imperative to define your needs through your environment, how often you need to store bread, and your budget. Without these three key ingredients in finding the best loaf box, you’ll feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes time to make your decision.

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Best Bread Box Reviews of 2017

Best Modern Bread Box: Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box – Matte Steel – Fingerprint Proof Review

There’s nothing worse than having kids that stick their fingers all over the stainless-steel refrigerator. You think there would be some sort of fingerprint-proof coating to ensure this doesn’t happen. Thankfully, with the Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box, you can have just that! A sleek and modern bread box, features of this include the following:

  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Durable, corrosion resistant
  • Smudge proof
  • Compact construction space saving technology
  • Fits up to two loaves of bread
Best Bread Box

The Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box is an amazing modern bread box that has virtually every feature you would want!

The Advantages of the Product

There are quite a few advantages to this product including the size and color options. Available in various shades of white, silver, and red, along with sizes medium and large – you can choose the perfect bread box for your living style and needs. Beyond this, the roll top door allows for the implementation of a space saving technology, ensure that you don’t take up more space than you need. The aforementioned is fantastic for those working with small spaces like a tiny home or a galley kitchen.

The Disadvantages of the Product

One of the disadvantages of this roll top bread box is that those who live in warmer climates should look for something else, as warm climates and metal can attract heat and moisture within your bread. While this is touched upon in the above sections of the article, it specifically relates to this style of bread box. However, those who live in the optimal climate (normal weather conditions), will find solace in this bread box.

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Best Wooden Bread Box: Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique-Styled Bread Box Review

A gorgeous and rustic antique design, the Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood antique bread box boasts many features, like it’s unique rustic design and more, including the following:

  • Design allows for little counterspace to be used up
  • Magnetic, flip-down door with metal accents
  • Composed of plantation grown acacia wood due to sustainability

The Advantages of the Product

Best Wooden Bread Box

Mountain Woods makes the best wooden breadboxes! They are the perfect addition to any household!

A cute and quaint bread box, Mountain Woods has created a dream box for lovers of Acacia wood and bread! Composed of wood from plantations in Asia, the wood was farmed responsible and the bread box was composed for sustainability along with beauty, and practicality. A primary advantage of the Mountain Woods bread box is that it comes with a magnetic flip-down lid to ensure minimal airflow and easy access.

Beyond this, the operation is so easy a child could do it. If you’re someone who is looking for a bread box to collect or visually adore, you’ll love the aesthetics of the Mountain Wood extra-large bread box. A great collector’s item while serving practical use, the Mountain Wood provides an antique and rustic vibe to match any home – especially a French country home.

The Disadvantages of the Product

One of the disadvantages of the Mountain Woods styled bread box is that it’s not exactly a roll top, so it’s not quite space saving. However, the design of the lid is optimal and practical, while not negatively affecting the performance of the product. It’s definitely a product that we’d recommend trying if you’re into the whimsicality of the design or are a collector of antique kitchen pieces.

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Best Vintage Bread Box: Now Designs Bread Bin, Turquoise Blue Review

Gorgeous and sleek in design, this bin labeled “bread” is adorable and will fit into any kitchen that’s retro inspired. While not actually vintage, you can have a modern bread box that’s reminiscent of retro times. The Tiffany Blue shade acts as an attractive piece within your kitchen, while serving a practical purpose. Other features of this bread bin include the following:

  • Durable power-coated steel
  • Easy swing door/lid
  • Small holes at the back of bread box for circulation of air
  • Contemporary design that will turn heads

The Advantages of the Product

Best Vintage Breadbox

Now Designs makes an amazing vintage breadbox! This breadbox will bring you back to your Grandmother’s kitchen!

Beyond the show-stopping yet simple design of this bread box, the practical features eliminate the possibility of taking up too much space. In doing so, this is a great feature for a smaller kitchen or home. A swing lid that opens up rather easily, the operation of this device is quite simple.

Beyond this, another advantage is that it’s composed of durable and sturdy powder-coated steel. In having this, you won’t have to worry about pests and bugs making their way in.

The Disadvantages of the Product

One of the only disadvantages of this bread box is that it is rather large in comparison with other models. If you have a smaller counterspace and can’t fit something that measures 16 in. In width x 9 in., diameter, you might have to find something else. It’s worth mentioning that this doesn’t affect the performance of the bread box, it just may take up too much space for practicality within your kitchen.

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