Does it Make Sense to Treat Machines as Disposable?

Usually, when people look at a bread machine, the last thing that they think about is disposability. This is obviously not the case when it comes to a disposable razor or something else that is small and cheap. The expectation just isn’t there when it comes to these bread making home appliances. Bread machines after all, do cost some money and it often requires a process to find the best bread machine for your home. Now it depends on the brand and the model, but they do cost more than the typical disposable razor.

So does it make any sense to treat these types of kitchen appliances as disposable? Well, the answer might not be as clear cut as you would have thought.

It Depends on Your Needs

I know this is kind of a cop out. I know this is some sort of weasel answer, but it’s nonetheless true. It all depends on your needs. If you are going to be jumping from place to place, or if you’re going to be bouncing around one side of the United States to the other side, then it makes sense to buy appliances that you can easily leave, give away, or sell right before you move.

In other words, you’re looking for items that are more disposable. There’s nothing wrong with that. You just need to be clear as to what you really need because if your needs are confused, then it’s so easy for you to become emotionally attached to your possessions and this can cause all sorts of complications.

It Depends on Your Lifestyle

If you are a fresh graduate from college, it probably makes a lot of sense for you to buy disposable appliances. Why? Things will change the moment you get promoted. Things will change the moment you go back to grad school or you get married.

At this stage in your life, you’re probably going to be moving around the United States quite a bit. Your lifestyle requires a certain level of flexibility. This is why, at this point, viewing bread machines as disposable and selecting them accordingly, makes a lot of sense. This mindset doesn’t make much sense later on in your life when you’re married with children.

It Depends on How Mobile You Are

By mobility, we’re talking about two things. We’re talking about geographic mobility and career mobility. In the United States, you get a lot of mobility on both counts. It only takes one job offer for you to bounce from Florida to, say, Alaska. Seriously. It’s quite a bit of a change and that’s why you need to make sure that your appliances, as well as other areas of your life, keep up. You must be able to make the move with as minimal drama as possible.

Pay Attention to Your Bread Needs

If you feel that your needs are going to change dramatically in a relatively short period of time, then it makes sense to buy a bread machine as some sort of placeholder, currently. At the back of your head, you know that you’re not going to stick with this model. You know that you’re just going to eat the bread that it produces for now, but you really have your heart set on a specialized or exotic type of bread. There’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you’re clear about your future plans, then it makes sense to view your current bread machine as essentially disposable.

Budget Considerations

If you can afford a more expensive bread machine in the future, but you have very little money now, then it makes sense to view a cheap bread machine as disposable. In other words, you’re going to just buy a cheap placeholder bread machine for now to ensure that you have all the tasty bread that you want, but, later on, you are going to level up to the kind of machine that would produce the exotic bread that you are looking for.

Space Considerations

Your lifestyle changes based on your habitation. If you just got out of college, chances are, your first apartment is going to be quite small. You’re still trying to get established. You’re probably bouncing from one job to another. A lot of your jobs are probably low paying.

This is all perfectly understandable and, accordingly, your living space is going to be small. So you should buy a bread machine that fits your current space requirements. But when your career gets traction, you should level up as far as bread machines go.

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