Baking Delicious Maamoul With Your Family


You want to have fun in your kitchen with your kids? Wake up in the morning and starting making Maamoul. Baking delicious treats with your family will bring joy to everyone and will make sure all members interact with each other. Very few projects can be so much fun and help gathering all the family in one small place.

They are tasty and they are fun to bake. These delicious cookies will bring everyone closer together for at least couple hours. Whether you decide to make only one type of Maamoul or many different types of flour with different filling, everyone can help and be responsible of at least one task. You could either divide the job into different steps and give each person the responsibility of one or two tasks, or you could let each person makes his own pieces from start to finish. The first might be more efficient but the second might be more fun as each one gets to be involved in all parts of the process. Some steps are more fun than others, and you don’t want one person to take a fun task and someone else takes a dull job. Letting everyone go through the entire process will make sure each person will enjoy this Maamoul baking project.

The fun in making these cookies is that they are so simple to make even your kids can get involved and enjoy it too. It is much easier than baking other Middle Eastern sweets like Baklava or Ballorieh. One of the things that differentiate Maamoul from Baklava or other sweets is the simplicity of the dough. Baklava is made from phyllo dough which can be quite challenging to make from scratch because it takes a lot of effort in order to kneaded into thin sheets as required. Cookies however are made from semolina and the dough is as simple as mixing semolina with water. It does not take much skills or specialized experience to do a good job at it. Anyone with little baking experience can do the job.

There are many kinds of Maamoul. Thus, in order not to get bored from them if you make a lot of them, try to bake a different version every time. You can change the shape, size, or filling. You could even change the type of dough and use flour instead of semolina. If you are really bored, you can change everything at once. By considering how many options you have for each element you can change, there are plenty of combinations that will assure you that no one will be bore from these unique and delicious cookies. If you rotate between three different shapes, three sizes, and three filling, and considering there are two kinds of dough you can use, this gives a total of 54 different versions you can make. For example, if last time you did semolina Maamoul filled with walnuts and having a small bite size filled with pistachios, you can bake today large sized pieces filled with dates with a shape resembling that of a dome. You could use either semolina or flour as the base of the dough. Walnuts would be another good idea for a filling.

In reality, there are infinite flavors you can make because your imagination is the limit. Besides the fact that there are infinite different shapes and sizes you can make your cookies into, you can also use any filling of your imagination. You can also combine different nuts and fruits to come up with new filling ideas and flavors. Maamoul are special cookies where you can use a lot of creativity and come up with totally new ways of doing them. You don’t have to abide by any rules or an old method of baking them.

Maamoul are much fun to make at home especially when everyone gets involved. It can be a very joyful experience where everyone at home gets to intervene and place his or her own touch on the final product.

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