5 Best Canned Tomatoes for your Kitchen

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5 Best Canned Tomatoes For Your KitchenPerfect ripe tomatoes are not always available. But that does not mean one should not have tomatoes on their place. They also constitute a part of a healthy diet. Based on season and location, sometimes ripe tomatoes are pretty difficult to find especially the Italian tomatos. They not only go well with salads but are also an essential ingredient in the preparation of sauce.

There are several ways to preserve tomatoes and ship them to various parts of the world. There are several forms of canned tomatoes such as whole tomatoes by peeling off their skin, diced tomatoes or crushed tomatoes. These forms are kitchen ready and stay fresh. Moreover, the various tomato brands pack the best Italian tomatoes. Enlisted below is the list of brands which serve best canned tomatoes.

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#1 – Cento Marzano Organic Peeled tomato

Cento San Marzano Organic Peeled Tomatoes Product Image

Cento San Marzano Organic Peeled tomato is probably the best brand of san marzano tomatoes. The company has a production plant in the San Marzano region of Italy. The region is known for its fertile soil and the climate which is very suitable for growing best Italian tomatoes of its kind. The location of the plant is very near to the local farmer’s market. This enables the swift delivery of the handpicked best san marzano tomatoes to process plant within few hours. This ensures that the tomatoes stay fresh when they reach the plant before they are peeled off and packed in a can.

Cento Marzano specializes in packing high-quality plum tomatoes. The tomatoes have rich texture added with natural preservative and they are delicious. The Natural additive is basically a natural juice which is derived from fresh Basil leaves. The can also contain basil leaves. Other than that no other additives, preservatives or colors are used. The flavor of these Italian canned tomatoes is incredible and has a thick puree. The puree imparts natural color to the tomatoes and results in a thick sauce. The brand is popular and serves premium quality product which is purely organic in nature and great for health. The Cento Marzano brand of canned tomatoes usually has whole tomatoes with their skins peeled off with organic ingredients like organic salt and natural citric acid.

What we like about it:

Cento Marzano organic serves one of the best canned tomatoes on the internet. The rich plum and whole tomatoes are packed into an ergonomic easy to open the can. The tomatoes are freshly handpicked from the farm of San Marzano and contain no fat which helps it to add to the healthy diet plan. Also, the whole tomatoes can be crushed or diced to prepare thick sauce which you can serve with French fries, pizza or pasta.

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#2 – Carmelina Marzano Italian peeled tomato

Carmelina San Marzano Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes Product Image

While talking of best canned marzano tomatoes, Carmelina is a noteworthy brand. Carmelina Marzano has earned its name in the list of canned tomato brands through its high-quality whole tomatoes peeled off their skin in a very subtle manner. The brand is a san marzano canned tomatoes brand. This implies that the tomatoes are used by this brand are specially imported from the Campania region, Italy. Campania of Italy has fertile soil with suitable climate and moderate temperature which is perfect for growing best Italian tomatoes. In fact, Carmelina is considered to produce best canned whole tomatoes which can be used for the versatile purpose. The san marzano tomatoes undergo a set of the process which involves steam peeling, the addition of natural ingredients and packed in a can with their in-house prepared succulent puree. The canned tomatoes also do not contain any salt, citric acid, calcium chloride or any other artificial preservatives. The tomatoes are gluten free and no artificial flavors policies make Carmelina one of the recognized canned tomato brands.

If you want to make lasagna or spaghetti, Carmelina canned tomatoes also serve modestly in the preparation of sauce which taste delicious. The puree can also be used to make pizza which actually enhances the taste of the pizza. The Italian peeled tomatoes can also be used for making pasta sauce which is easy and less time to consume to make.

What we like about it:

Carmelina provides the best Italian canned tomatoes which can be used in versatile ways. It is ready to eat as well as it can be cooked in a microwave or can be used to prepare sauces for various dishes. The canned tomatoes and the puree have a rich taste which sticks to the taste buds and the price is quite reasonable. So if you are looking for best-canned tomatoes for sauce, the product is right in front of you which not only makes your dish delicious but also makes you an incredible cook.

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#3 – Sclafani whole peeled tomatoes

Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes Product Image

Sauces are an essential part of any part. But most the sauces have added preservatives with artificial color and most importantly less tomato. Thus, the Sclafani family brought in a healthy alternative which is labeled as best canned tomato sauce. As of history, the family began their business in the food industry in 1800. They initiated a small grocery store in New York. They started importing Italian products and now they are one of the finest and best brand canned tomatoes. Sclafani whole tomatoes are made from fresh ripe tomatoes, tomato juice, and salt which are grown near the packing facility in southern New Jersey.

Sclafani has been known for its quality over the years. And to maintain their quality, the tomatoes are handpicked from farms. This New Jersey brand is eventually giving a tough competition to best canned Italian tomatoes brands of the world. And they have been able to do so because they select tomatoes which are firm, have no stringy core and are not broken. They are peeled and the tomatoes act as a great substitute for sauces. In fact, the whole tomatoes can be crushed and prepared into a sauce that has a rich taste and texture. The sauce goes well with pasta and pizza. The Sclafani tomatoes taste sweeter and not acidic and thus the canned tomatoes are less bitter compared to its competitors.

What we like about it:

Scafani canned tomatoes may not be from Italy but they are as good as the Italian tomatoes canned with natural ingredients like basil juice and puree. Moreover, this brand’s canned tomatoes are silky red in color with a mouthwatering flavor and rich aroma that makes these tomatoes good for making sauces for pasta and pizza. It is indeed one of the best-canned tomatoes for pizza sauce and/or best-canned tomatoes for pasta sauce which has very less water content and more pulp content.

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#4 – Muir Glan Diced Tomatoes

Muir Glen Canned Tomatoes, Organic Diced Tomatoes Product Image

Nothing tastes better than diced tomatoes. They not only taste delicious but also save time and equipment as well as the effort to dice the tomatoes. Muir Gland does the tough job for end consumption. Dice tomatoes are easy to serve and go well with lasagna or bruschetta. Best diced tomatoes are a ‘must add’ to the kitchen cart whenever they are available. And Muir Gland sees the opportunity to provide the consumers with the diced canned tomatoes. Muir glan with its state of the art facility to grow organic tomatoes, chop them in slices and pack them in an ergonomic can makes it one of the best canned diced tomatoes brands all over the world. Muir Glan organic tomatoes follow modern farming techniques to grow organic tomatoes in the San Joaquin Valley of California in the United States. The mission and vision are not only to provide high quality canned tomatoes but also help the farmers grow the tomatoes organically. Organic farming assists in creating healthy, natural and nutrient-rich crops and vegetables which are a modern addition to any nutritionist’s diet plan. There are no synthetic chemicals used in the farming of these pulpy tomatoes which enriches the flavor and are naturally vine ripened.

Muir Glan aims at a process well certified by various standardized bodies in the food industry. The processes through which the diced tomatoes are brought into the market to help the tomatoes to stay fresh and retain its flavor along with the texture. The can usually come with a seasoning of sea salt that adds a little more taste while making sauces.

What we like about it:             

The cans and the tomatoes are indigenous to California and it takes only 8 hours for the tomatoes to process from farms to cans. They are stored in organic cans which help them to retain the rich flavor of the organic tomatoes. The tomatoes are peeled and diced before they enter the can which makes it easy to use for the consumers. They can be used to make stews and soups as well apart from sauces. The diced tomatoes are also reasonably priced which adds to Muir Glan’s pros list.

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#5 – Tuttorosso 100% Natural Crushed tomatoes

Tuttorosso Natural Crushed Tomatoes Product Image

Tuttorosso tops the chart whenever it comes to crushed tomatoes brands. Crushed tomatoes are basically an ideal kitchen ingredient for the preparation of sauces, stews or soups. They almost taste similar to Whole and diced tomatoes but since they are mashed tomatoes in a can, they save a lot of effort in the preparation of sauces. Just open the can with a can opener, pour it into your cookware, and cook for your favorite soup or sauce recipe. Tuttorosso helps the consumer achieve that through their online presence. They can consist of 100% natural tomatoes mashed after peeling off their skin and then packed into an ergonomic can. Each can of Tuttorosso comes with basil which is a natural preservative. Apart from that, no other additives are used.

Tuttorossi serves the best quality tomatoes which make it one of the best canned tomatoes for pasta sauce and best canned tomatoes for pizza sauce as well. The sauces made from this brand’s mashed tomatoes have a rich texture that makes the sauces thick and imparts great flavor to various dishes that you cook. The most prominent feature that distinguishes best canned crushed tomatoes is the color. It has a cherry red color within which yellow seeds can be seen floating. The mix is thick and does not contain any fat. Tuttorossi is a well-known brand which provides you with best canned Italian tomatoes in mashed form.

What we like about it:

Tomato sauces or stews or soups fall under the categories of a quick snack. And already there are many jobs associated with the preparation of pasta or lasagna. Adding another job of mashing the tomatoes might kill the hunger. But this brand provides you with a ready-made ingredient which is rich in taste, texture, and simple. The price is quite reasonable and saves time and effort. It also enhances the taste of continental dishes like bruschetta or pizza. Tuttorossi canned crushed tomatoes are devoid of any added preservatives and fat which helps the body to stay fit and healthy.

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How we choose the top canned tomatoes in our list

We selected the top 5 canned Italian tomatoes after doing an extensive literature survey. The exploratory research was done to find out what are the available products on the market. We browsed through popular online shopping sites to get a good knowledge of the products. After that, we made the list of best-canned tomatoes brands and checked with other websites for cross-reference. The brands which appeared on two or more sites were taken into consideration.

The following aspects were considered for the selection:

  • Aesthetics: The packaging and nutrient constituents were inspected. The tomatoes grow in vines and there are several ways to ripen the tomatoes which are why it is required to understand how the tomatoes were grown, picked, processed.
  • Technical Processes: It determines the process through which the tomatoes are packed into the cans. The farming techniques are also considered. The organic tomatoes are rich in texture but the items were selected on the basis of the techniques which are certified and if the brands truly bind with the framework proposed by the food industry.
  • Business reputation: The mission, vision and the background of the families associated with the business were also taken into consideration. After all, a family which has a good knowledge about what they produce can come up with a good product for the consumers

After checking these aspects, we had gone through the customer reviews and feedbacks for different brands available on the internet and thereby we came up with the comprehensive review of best-canned tomatoes brands mentioned above.

Different types of canned tomatoes

Tomatoes are not easy to store and hence various brands use added preservatives to canned tomatoes to increase its durability. These added preservatives are mainly salt, citric acid, vinegar or calcium chloride. Citric acid is naturally present in tomatoes which act as an acid regulator but added citric acid imparts a sour taste to the tomatoes and help in storing them over a period of time. The canned tomatoes have a broad classification based on the type of tomatoes present inside the can. Following is the list of different types of canned tomatoes:

  • Whole Peeled: This is one of the most common forms of canned tomatoes. The tomatoes are packed as a whole tomato only with their skins peeled off mostly through steam peeling. They come in tasty puree or juice.
  • San Marzano: It is a specific variety of Italian tomato which is plum and firm. They are grown in Italy and have a rich texture and superior flavor which makes it ideal for sauces.
  • Diced: These are long chopped pieces of tomatoes generally halved which are ideal for tomato recipes.
  • Crushed: Tomatoes are crushed to fine pieces which are ideal for soups.
  • Puree: Pureed tomatoes are thicker and deeper in flavors which are made by each brand in their own way that gives different flavors.
  • Stewed: They are softer than whole peeled and are generally cooked with seasonings.
  • Sauce: Puree tomatoes with added water and some seasonings give the sauce.
  • Paste: The paste is obtained by heating the pulp mashed in water. After evaporation, the residue is called paste.

Why you need the best Canned tomatoes in your Kitchen

  • Canned tomatoes have low calories. Tomatoes also contain Vitamin C and fiber. Though the canning process may destroy the vitamin C and fiber yet the farm picked tomatoes to have a rich amount of vitamin C which protects your body from different diseases.
  • Canned tomatoes are flushed with antioxidants that slow down the process of fermentation. Thus, they help in reducing different physical problems. Some of them are heart disease, prostate cancer, and poor eyesight as you get older.
  • They do not contain any fat or trans-fat or cholesterol. Thus, consuming canned tomatoes of best quality brands also reduce the risk of obesity.
  • The canned tomatoes are versatile in nature and can be used in various ways. One can directly eat the can or cook them. They can be served with salads, soups or stews and continental dishes.
  • Canned tomatoes give you a variety of options to use them in any way you want. You can use them as a whole in your low carbohydrate diet, or use the puree on the pizza from your pizza oven to enhance the taste. You can use the diced tomatoes in bruschetta or crushed tomatoes into soup from your pressure cooker. It saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Some of the diced tomato cans contain calcium chloride. The additive helps the tomatoes to retain their shape. The addition of calcium chloride helps them keep the shape during cooking as well and even after cooking. So, if you or your guests want the chunk of tomatoes intact in their dishes, canned tomatoes provide you with the option.

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