10 Best Deep Fryers For Your Kitchen in 2018

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10 Best Deep Fryers for your Kitchen

When we think about deep frying, we mostly associate it with fast food joints. I can already picture it; An overworked and underpaid teenager, having to control three fryers at once, being yelled at from the other room to pick up his pace.

On the other hand, nicer thoughts such as delicious, fast and crispy food being prepared in a controlled environment come into place.

Back in my days, my mother sternly refused to get herself a deep fryer as it was too cost ineffective in her book. Suffice to say, she was right!

Nowadays, things have changed a little bit. You no longer have to use gallons upon gallons of oil just to get a serving ready.

Your electricity bill doesn’t quadruple in size and the whole process is very economical and made easy.

If you plan on getting yourself one, you no longer have to think about all these nuisances from before, but still, you still have to be concerned about the speed, quality and visual appeal of the thing.

That is why, in the article, we are going to be naming the top ten deep fryers for your kitchen.

This list will help you see what counts in the world of fryers and what is better to be avoided so let’s get right on!

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#1 – The T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Deep Fryer

T-fal FR8000 Deep Fryer

Reminded me of a tank with the design, I was really impressed by the sturdiness of the entire build and I quickly learned how stable this fryer was. The most striking feature of this machine would have to be the powerful 1700 W motor running the engine.

Because the fryer enables you to cook up to three pounds of food in it and having a 3,5-liter capacity, one would one to pick this up if he has to feed a family or any other group of people. I was very pleased with the oil-filtration system that really paid off in the end when it came to the amounts of oil I was using and it also helped save electricity.

The simple oil storage meant that I was always aware of how much oil was in the fryer, whether it had changed its color and if I should be taking any actions.

What We Liked About It – It isn’t so much the outside but the inside that counts. After using this fryer for a couple of times, I realized that its heating element was on top of its game. I could easily crank up the temperature to whatever I wanted it to and the oil would just follow suit!

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#2- The Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer

Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer

Not only smart but also small, I would recommend this to the lone wolfs and pairs of two out there. It had a solid oil capacity of up to four quartz, meaning that around 2 pounds of food could be cooked at once.

The most striking feature of this model would have to be the mesh filter, which allowed me to cook without having my son begging me to feed him fries! I’m not a magician Jacob, I will get my fingers burned!

The design of the thing is also on a next level, stainless steel curated to not only be as stalwart as it can be but also designed in a way to be easily cleanable after you are done with everything.

What We Liked About It – My favorite thing about this deep fryer is definitely the electronic thermostat. Now let me get a bit into why it impressed me so much. It allowed me to control the temperature at such a speed that I was wondering if I actually bought an air conditioner!

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#3 – The DeLonghi D34528DZ Dual Zone Deep Fryer

DeLonghi D34528DZ Dual Zone Deep Fryer

This is what gets me excited about my fryers; A stylish and sleek design that makes you WANT to cook a meal inside of that thing.

What really impressed me were the strategically placed buttons near the rear end at the top of the thing, which allowed for a perfect outlook on the entire situation. The steel filter was just an added bonus as I often prefer not to have anyone bother me while engaging in the process of curating my fries, thank you very much!

The food capacity was also well above average, with three pounds on the scale, you could feed anyone and at any time! The company also ensured that the instruction manual that came with the box was very easy to read and it made the entire process much easier on me.

I was happy with that.

What We Liked About It – What took me by surprise the most was the heating element. No, I won’t try and convince you of its high quality as that is a standard in the most deep fryers. The thing which really pulled me towards this model was the fact that it was easily removable. You know what that means? Cleanup is simple and hassle-free!


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#4 – The Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer

Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer

The first thing you notice when you take a look at this fryer would have to be the two control panels, making you think that it is a double deep fryer for a moment! Another thing that caught my attention was the solid handle attached to that thing. It was of much use in the cooking process as it provided much-needed stability.

The best thing about this deep fryer would have to be the immersion-style heating element powered up by an 1800 Watt motor. I had never had to wait for too long to get the temperature up at the exact level that was required for the job! I also liked the small window installed, allowing me to see what exactly was going on inside. Watching my fries go from yellow to brown has been a hobby of mine ever since!

What We Liked About It – With awesome controls, a window to oversee the entire operation and a handle that provided stability, this model really enchanted me in a positive way. It has a bunch of different perks to it that when added up, lead to a great deep fryer and an awesome experience while cooking!

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#5 – The DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer

DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer

What a way to design a deep fryer, I was sold from the first moment! With a modernistic control panel, featuring different colors to ensure that you are always confident on your button pushing, this model would have to be one the finer ones on the market.

As I was testing this baby on the battlefields, I received a call from a distant friend of mine. We talked and talked and as I lost myself in conversation, only after about an hour did I realize that I had food inside of my fryer!

With a swift leap to the kitchen and prayer in my thoughts did I wander inside the scene, realizing that nothing bad had happened.  ‘’Maybe I forgot to turn it on?’’ Was my first guess but after opening it up, I was immediately able to enjoy a fully cooked meal.

The auto-off system is a real life saver! Talking about capacity, this model only packs about one and a half pound in it. Nothing to really boast about but not too shabby either.

What We Liked About It – The indicator light was really bright and it could notify me about any sort of change in temperature without any problems. The sort of trust I had in this machine was even more boosted by the auto off feature. This is definitely one of the bigger benefits of the modern, electrical deep fryer!

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#6 – The Secura 1700-Watt Deep Fryer

Secura Electric Deep Fryer

What a monstrosity this deep fryer is! Enabling you to fry two items at once, you will never have to wait for your fries while you are cooking your chips and vice versa. The built is very solid and stable. How wouldn’t it be, with the main material used in crafting that thing being stainless steel.

The capacity of this deep fryer really is on a next level and I’m not just telling you that because it is a double deep fryer! The automatic timer system could be made to work for up to sixty minutes in advance and I really liked the control you could extort from that thing.

You could basically have it from anywhere between 250 and 375 Degrees which is a lot more than other deep fryers allow you to do! The removable oil tank ensured that cleanups were a breeze.

What We Liked About It – This deep fryer is just on an another level. I didn’t even mention the powerful 1700 Watt motor that makes frying anything such a breeze. The temperature is heated up in record time and I never had a problem with overcooking as the in-built timer took care of my negligence! Awesome product.

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#7 – The Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer, 4.5-Liter Oil Capacity (35034)

Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer

It’s always a pleasure to review Hamilton Beach products, as the company has been in the business for so long. This translates into them actually knowing what the hell they are doing!

The main feature of this deep fryer would have to be its capacity. You are able to feed a horde with this machine and because it is a double basket model, you don’t even have to wait to cook different types of meals on it!

The timing system was a really nice addendum but nowadays, it seems to be a staple in the world of deep fryers. Although its design is simplistic in nature, it was very easy to cleanup afterward. What it lost in one trait it gained in another.

What We Liked About It – Deep fryers are usually such a pain to clean but this model really won me over with all the detachable elements it featured. I really liked how easy it was to put everything back together, never taking me more than a few minutes, as it should be!

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#8 – The Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

A nice, adjustable thermostat made selections really easy to do. Most parts of the deep fryer were easily removable, even the frying pot, so cleanup was a breeze.

The engine powering everything was really solid at a 1500 Watt rate and I was impressed by the heating element that complimented everything. The weight of this thing was also another thing that surprised me.

Usually speaking, you will be hard-pressed to find any deep fryer under ten pounds! Although it only packs about eight pounds, it still can feed a lot of people in one sitting so it is definitely recommended for commercial use as well.

What We Liked About It – The air filter was something out of this world. I truly couldn’t smell my own food in the other room. This really spoke to me as I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes on how much care went into making this model. Really a great choice for your personal or even professional needs!

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#9 – The KRUPS KJ502D51 Professional Brushed Stainless Steel Triple Basket Deep Fryer

KRUPS KJ502D51 Professional Deep Fryer

This is a huge deep fryer that can feed an entire family at once. I managed to stuff up to five pounds of food into this thing and I never had any problems with one part being over or undercooked! Models that mask or hide the odor seem to be in style and this one really does what it promises.

This is really important to note as the technology behind it is still in its infancy. The best thing about this machine, from a personal viewpoint, would have to be the large viewing window. It felt as if I was watching a live-action movie in 1080 HP!

What We Liked About It – The sheer number of preset functions really saved me a lot of time. I didn’t have to go through any sort of complicated process to get exactly what I want and that is why I really enjoyed cooking with this deep fryer. Very convenient!

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#10 – The Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer

Presto 05466 Deep Fryer

Featuring dual baskets, this deep fryer could feed my entire family in one sitting! The heating element was of very high quality, being able to reach high temperatures in record times. I was also impressed by the built, as it featured stainless steel all over the place.

What We Liked About It – Being able to cook up to five pounds of food at once, this deep fryer definitely has to be one the best ones out there. Whether you want to use it as a nifty tool in your restaurant or an easy alternative for a fast food joint, it’s a really great pickup!

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How We Chose The Best Deep Fryers For Your Kitchen

Don’t listen to what anyone tells you and try to understand that there are three main things you want to pay attention to as real life experience differs a lot from the written word!

1)    Heating Element Speed

If your deep fryer can’t handle the heat then it isn’t the right one for you. Ideally speaking, you would want it to be launched and ready almost immediately. I wouldn’t want to wait for longer than ten minutes on any model of mine.

2)    Capacity Of The Fryer

You always have to think big when it comes to food! Sure, one can think in terms of ‘i don’t need a fryer that can hold two pounds of food, I can’t eat that much!’’

But your friends, family or neighbors can.

More is better!

3)    Stainless Steel Or Go Home

Everything else can be ignored but if your deep fryer lets loose after only a handful of uses, you can put it right where it belongs- In the trash!

You need to have a model that is built in stainless steel, it might be a bit more costly but it’s a long term investment that will pay off massive dividends.

Why You Need A Deep Fryer In Your Kitchen

That’s a really easy question to answer. First things first, the amount of time and money you save by not having to call an overpriced fast food joint every time you get a craving for some fatty food.

Secondly, the flexibility you gain by cooking your own food. You are the one that can decide what and when to eat, no longer do you have to rely on others having or not having your desired item as you are the one in control now!

Lastly, the ability to prepare a meal in your own house in less than fifteen minutes cannot be overlooked. Sometimes, you don’t feel like getting out of your home just to get yourself some food and with a deep fryer, you don’t have to as everything is very easy and hassle-free!

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