10 Best Pizza Ovens of 2018: Comparison Chart & Reviews

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10 Best Pizza Ovens Reviews

Ordering delivery pizza is a convenient comfort for lazy evenings, but you don’t realize you’re selling yourself short. Why spend $20 a week or more for greasy, low-quality restaurant chain food?

After our family gatherings and parties, I always regret my choice to eat tasteless, subpar pizza. It’s just a load of carbs, fat, and calories without any real satisfaction.

I prefer rich flavors from varieties of cheeses, savory sauce, and fresh herbs, spices, and vegetables that chains don’t offer. Incorporating different aromas and textures into my meals is a priority for an experimental home cook like myself. However, using a regular oven to cook pizza has always been a long, frustrating process. It seems like no matter what I do, the final product is nowhere near my initial intentions.

Once I heard there were pizza ovens for your home, I had to look into it.

My first concern was having enough space for a pizza oven in my one-bedroom apartment. When I saw all the options available that met my personal needs, I couldn’t believe it! Even with my financial and spatial limitations, there were still plenty for me to browse.

Buying an indoor pizza oven was one of the best decision for my home that I’ve ever made.

How the Best Home Pizza Oven Made Me a Better Cook

Finally, for the first time in my life, I can conjure all of my bakery and pizzeria desires at home. My search for brick-oven multigrain bagels and roasted garlic flatbreads have come to an end.

My friends and family can now taste real, quality pizza and I can cook my own health-conscious meals and snacks. Beyond that, I can also hone my skills with bread, pastries, and meats where my regular oven fails to perform as well.

Since this countertop pizza oven works so well for me, I want to share the magic with you! However, I know that what works specifically for me won’t work for everyone. So the products below are a cumulative list where you will find the best home pizza oven just for you!

Before you read through the 10 best pizza ovens for your home, take a few moments to think about what features you need.

What do you want in a Pizza Oven

What do you want in a Pizza Oven?

Deciding what kind of features you need from a pizza oven is fairly simple. There are a few basic characteristics and making the right choice is easy. All it requires is a little bit of forethought.

  • Do you think you’ll be in the same place a few years down the road? Or are you more of a nomad?
  • How much space do you have available?
  • How many people do you typically feed? Do you plan on starting a family soon and having more mouths to feed?
  • Do you already have natural gas hook-ups or a pile of firewood outside?
  • Would you want to use the oven for more than pizza?

Regardless of your lifestyle and its degree of malleability, there is something out there just for you.


Before anything else, you should decide what size suits your needs best. Think about how often you cook and for how many people. Do you live alone or with family? Do you like throwing parties at your place or cook batches of food for charity?

While you consider this, think ahead as well since the best pizza oven should last a long time. If you want to start a family or move out alone, choose one that adapts with each stage of life.

Personally, I plan on staying in my apartment for a while with absolutely no plans of marriage or children. This makes my countertop pizza oven perfect for me.

Keep in mind: the list below pertains to the size of the baking chamber itself. The size of entire ovens will vary greatly.


The baking chamber in a small pizza oven measures between 60 and 80 centimeters (about 2 – 2.5 feet). Single people and couples can easily feed themselves with an oven this size. It’s capable of cooking either one standard size pizza or two smaller ones at a time.


The baking chamber in a medium pizza oven measures between 80 and 100 centimeters (about 2.5 – 3 feet). Large families with diverse tastes won’t have to bicker about delivery orders again! Pizza ovens this size are able to cook up to three standard size pizzas at a time.


The baking chamber in a large pizza oven measures between 100 and 130 centimeters (about 3 – 4 feet). If you like hosting parties, expect to invest in an oven this size. With the ability to cook up to five pizzas at once, none of your guests will leave hungry!

Pizza Oven Styles


There are two main styles of pizza ovens. Both take about the same amount of time to heat up and cool down. Other than that, they are completely unique from each other in appearance and function.

When considering what style to choose, the important things to keep in mind are space availability and aesthetics. Also think about what purpose the oven might serve other than cooking pizza, if anything at all.

Dome (Tuscan/Pompeii)

The name says it all. When you think of a traditional pizza oven, a dome-style model is what you imagine.

Outside, they resemble an igloo. Inside, they are circular, making them ideal for cooking pizza and ensuring even heat distribution.

If you’re on a budget, the dome style is your best option. They are typically cheaper and require less space. However, if you want to build it yourself, it might prove to be slightly more difficult than its rectangular counterpart.

Barrel Vault

Unlike the dome style, the name here is somewhat misleading. No, it does not look like a barrel.

Barrel-style ovens are rectangular inside and out. Although dome ovens can bake bread and pastries and roast meat, barrel vault ovens are more ideal for these purposes. The rectangular baking chamber offers more surface area for your food items, with only one problem: uneven heat distribution.

Although the uneven heat will not cause catastrophic brunch parties, it is something you’ll have to be aware of and adjust to.

Otherwise, this style suits larger areas and larger families or other groups. They’re more versatile and durable, but you’ll have to let go of a few pretty pennies for one of these.


When considering what type of fuel to use, the two important things to think about are cleanup and taste preferences. There are three main fuel options, all producing unique finishing tastes in your pizza and other foods.

Some will have multiple options. For example, some use gas but have optional wood chip burners to get a smoky flavor without an ashy mess. Then, of course, you can burn anything in a wood stove, but I suggest sticking to wood, charcoal, and coal.


Wood-fire ovens are by far the most popular. As you pull a perfectly crisp crust from the oven, the fresh aroma of the wood-fire wafts behind. Including the enhanced flavors of the food, it’s a whole experience everyone should have.

You can install these inside if you have the right ventilation system. Although it’s possible to keep one inside, they are best kept outside as the cleanup can get messy. Every time I dump ashes from our wood stove, I smell like soot all day, but it’s worth the effort.

There are some other types of ovens that claim to produce a wood oven taste, but nothing beats authenticity.

If you choose a wood stove, be aware of the type of wood you’re using:

  • Dry wood should be used for cooking. This way your food is cooked rather than steamed.
  • Fresh, unseasoned wood should be used for heating. Although you’ll need dry kindling to start the fire, fresh firewood burns longer.

Charcoal & Coal

Using charcoal or coal is very similar to using wood. The main distinctions are in the flavor it produces and lack of environmental friendliness. They are also less efficient than other fuel options.

Choosing charcoal or coal as a fuel source is mostly dependent on taste preferences. If you decide to go this route, charcoal is available in bags and is pretty self-explanatory. However, if you use coal, remember this:

  • Coal chunks that are light, break apart easy, and feel glassy are high-quality. This does not mean it’s useful in your oven. This type of coal burns very, very, very hot! Even in our old warrior of a wood stove, good coal will melt holes in it.
  • Coal chunks that are heavier and have similar characteristics to a regular rock (besides the black color) are low-quality. These do not burn nearly as hot as the light, glassy type. However, you should still practice caution and keep an eye on it while you cook.

Gas & Electric

Gas and electric are definitely your cleanest options. They emit zero smoke and require very little cleanup. The cherry on top? They save the hassle of installment since they easily hook up anywhere you have electric power or natural gas lines.

If you don’t have natural gas lines but prefer this method of cooking, there are portable models that use tanks. Anywhere you can take a tank, you can cook a pizza – this is especially ideal for camping trips!

The prices on these vary. Paying a professional to run gas lines into your kitchen would probably cost more than the oven itself. The main advantage of this is that the natural gas also serves as a more affordable heating source in the winter. Unless you are just a fan of gas cooking, consider an electric or wood type.


Although it may seem as if the choice in material for your oven is purely aesthetic, there is more at play. Some are easier to clean and maintain than others and some have better heat retention. Function is permanent while appearance is easy to alter.

You need to understand what you’re buying. Why have a fancy looking pizza oven if it is troublesome to use or doesn’t give you what you want?

When browsing pizza ovens, you’ll find that they are all made from one of these materials:


Brick ovens are probably the most widely recognized by artisan craft pizza enthusiasts.  I can’t say I’ve ever eaten brick-oven pizza (or bagel) and didn’t enjoy it!

Their reputation extends beyond the delectable pizzas they produce as they are also extremely fuel efficient. When a wood fire is heating a brick oven, up to 85% of the heat is retained. The more heat it can retain, the quicker your pizza is ready!

Although they retain more heat for a longer time, they usually take about 30 minutes to an hour to heat up. Afterwards, they can take up to half a day or longer to cool down.


Natural stone ovens are very similar to brick ovens depending on the type of stone you choose. The only real difference between stone and brick ovens is superficial. If you appreciate the aesthetics of a stone oven, you might have to pay a little bit extra.

However, it is possible to have your cake (or pizza) and eat it too! You can create a stone veneer for a pre-existing oven if you really want that bucolic appeal.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel ovens are probably the most convenient choice. Not only can they connect to existing gas ovens and barbeques for fuel, but are easier to maintain as well.

They heat up and cool down quicker than a brick oven, but have a couple of downsides.

While brick ovens whisk away moisture to form a deliciously crispy crust, stainless steel might trap it. Unless you like soggy crust, you should take precautions to prevent trapping too much moisture. Also, stainless steel is liable to warm easily under intense heat. Consequently, a good steel oven will be made from thicker pieces, resulting in higher weight.


Cob is a material made from clay, sand, and straw. It is your cheapest option and as fuel efficient as a brick or stone oven. They have a homesteader aesthetic like stone, if not more akin to what you’d find in a hobbit village.

Although they operate efficiently and act as a cozy centerpiece to your indoor or outdoor kitchen, they require some finesse. Cob chambers are prone to cracking without operation that involves some degree of knowledge or experience.

Pizza Oven Placement


Where do you have room for an oven? Perhaps there’s already a clear spot on your back patio, a little niche in the garden, or empty kitchen space.

When I bought mine, my plan was to store it with the crock pot and food processer when it wasn’t in use. I couldn’t do it. It looked so nice, I had to make it a countertop centerpiece!

Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a home with a huge yard, there is an oven to suit your space.


There are plenty of convenient options that allow you to introduce a pizza oven into your home kitchen. Although you would have to opt for a smaller oven, it’s something you could use throughout the seasons.

If you’re already renovating a house, you could easily install a wood-fire stove with a chimney for smoke to escape. In the situation of a small apartment like mine, a countertop model is your best option.


If you need a larger oven, you should consider outdoor models.

Depending on the temperament of the seasons in your area, an outdoor option may or may not be useful year-round. However, it makes outdoor entertainment spaces feel cozier by creating a warm center for everyone to gather around.

If you have any sort of enclosure, full or partial, on your outdoor space, then it could even be useful for heating during the winter.

An outdoor oven will also require more maintenance and cleaning due to elemental exposure. However, partial exposure will negate some of that work.


Do you want a pizza oven, but don’t seem to have anywhere to put it? Don’t worry. A portable oven is not only a cheaper option, but can be kept in storage when not in use.

Many indoor ovens will be portable since their design accommodates smaller spaces. Just the same, many outdoor ovens are portable to accommodate tailgaters, picnickers, and camping enthusiasts.

Do you need an Indoor Pizza Oven? (and reviews!)

There are just some things your regular oven can’t do. Making amazing pizza is one of them.

Sure, you can buy a premade crust from a bag or a can, toss some cheese on it, and throw it in the oven. Going this route, don’t be surprised to have less than enthusiastic responses from your guests. Unless you’re happy with shoulder shrugs and “eh” as an answer to how dinner was, you should read this list.

ImageIndoor Pizza OvenPriceRating
Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven Product Image#1 - Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza OvenCheck Price99%
BakerStone O-AHXXX-O-000 Pizza Oven Box Product Image#2 - BakerStone O-AHXXX-O-000 Pizza Oven BoxCheck Price97%
TableTop Chefs Pizzarette Product Image#3 - TableTop Chefs PizzaretteCheck Price96%
Wisco 421 Pizza Oven product Image#4 - Wisco 421 Pizza OvenCheck Price94%
Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker BREBPZ600XL Product Image#5 - Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker BREBPZ600XLCheck Price91%

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 picks, we’re going to go into more detail on why we love each of these. Once you find the one that’s best for you, click the yellow button to get the latest price on Amazon.

Love at First Bite – Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven

Mont Alpi MAPZ-SS Table Top Gas Pizza Oven Product ImageThis is by far the best pizza oven for home use and my personal favorite. It serves as a sleek statement piece on my countertop and is so easy to keep clean and shiny. Use after use, it continues to hold up in function and appearance.

Buying this oven is a decision you will never regret.

Although it took a little while to put together, it took nearly zero effort because the instructions are very clear. The time it took to assemble has proven to be worth the convenience of operation and delicious results each week.

When family and friends visit, not only can I cook pizzas to accommodate everyone’s tastes, but meat and breads too! Foods other than pizza will require a little bit of practice, but once you’re familiar with it, you won’t know what to do without it. It did not take long at all to become a reliable staple in my kitchen.

After you’ve gotten your belly full, cleaning up is so easy. The floor pan and fat tray can be cleaned separately while the shell can be wiped down. Forget all of those pots, pans, and trays. Buy this oven today and save an enormous amount of time and space!

When you become an owner of this fantastic pizza oven, your home will become the new go-to for your friends. They won’t turn down an invitation again once they discover the magic your new oven is capable of.

Personally, I love mine so much I wish I could buy one for all of my friends!


  • Removable floor pan and fat try for easy cleanup
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Portable


  • Lengthy and detailed assembly process
  • Heats up quickly, which can burn food without proper attention

Best Features:

  • Cooks a wide array of foods
  • Mounts to almost any surface
  • Can use 1lb or 20lb propane tank
  • Comes with pizza grilling stone

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A Whole Lotta Something for Nothing – BakerStone O-AHXXX-O-000 Pizza Oven Box

BakerStone O-AHXXX-O-000 Pizza Oven Box Product ImageThis pizza oven came close to earning a spot on my counter – it was a tough decision. If you’re in a tight financial spot and can’t opt for the Mont Alpi, this is your best option. You really get the bang for your buck on this one!

Although it can be tedious to clean, it’s worth it time after time for the delectable results it provides. Beyond pizza, it can also roast veggies, fish, and meats. You can cook just about anything you want anywhere there is a grill!

Buy this oven today and surprise your family with amazing pizza at your next gathering. Whatever familial qualms that may exist will subside once you all get a mouthful of the perfect pizza.

Month after month, you can depend on this pizza oven to work hard for you. Customers claim that even after a couple of years, it still works just as good as new. Why not invest the money for such a dependable, long-term payout?

This oven also acts as a good starter if you’re just wanting to test the waters. If you dream of a big, beautiful brick pizza oven on your back patio but aren’t sure if it’s practical, try this one first. Once you discover how easy making the perfect pizza and savory roasts is, you’ll want to use it every day!

Buy this oven today and work your way up to semi-professional pizza chef status! Your friends and family will surely appreciate the colorful, tasty additions to the dinner table.


  • Simple assembly
  • Less expensive
  • Compatible with larger grills (3-5 burners or more)


  • Tedious cleanup
  • Vague temperature gauge
  • Tricky warm-up timing

Best Features:

  • Built-in pizza stone
  • Quick cook time
  • Portable

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The People Pleaser – TableTop Chefs Pizzarette

TableTop Chefs Pizzarette Product ImageDo you often find your house being the go-to spot for brunches and slumber parties? If so, you need this pizza oven. It serves as a beautiful and functional centerpiece that everyone will huddle around waiting for their next turn! It can feed six people with their own individual preferences at a time.

Long gone are the days of compromising with picky eaters before you order at the local pizza place. You can finally enjoy your own loaded veggie or meat supreme pizza while the kids eat plain cheese. On the other hand, your vegetarian friends can eat their hearts out while everyone else gets their fill too.

Despite what you want to cook, the terracotta cover that makes it so appealing also enhances the flavor of your pizza. You won’t see chain restaurant pizza the same again after experiencing this authentic taste!

While you’re getting better taste than delivery, you’ll have the same quick cleanup!

The terracotta dome and baking sheet are also removable. This means after everyone has eaten and the kids are fast asleep, cleanup is effortless. Not only will you save time cleaning, but you’ll save money too! It’s amazing what a steal this fantastic device is.

Is all of this sounding too good to be true? Well, there is one small stipulation. If you’re looking to make full size pizzas, this oven will not be able to accommodate you. Otherwise, this is the best oven for serving mini pizzas at a party, making late-night snacks, or just keeping the kids out of your hair!


  • Removable baking sheet for easy cleanup
  • Real terracotta dome enhances flavor
  • Easy storage
  • Less expensive


  • Cannot make full-size pizzas

Best Features:

  • Quick preheat time
  • Dual heating
  • Feeds 6 people at a time
  • Aesthetic countertop appeal

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The Beginner’s Friend – Wisco 421 Pizza Oven

Wisco 421 Pizza Oven product ImageThis is another bargain catch that accents your kitchen and your plate!

Although it is an indoor pizza oven, it can also pump out pizzas for backyard barbeques. This oven is so lightweight and conveniently built, you can display or store it just about anywhere in your home. Its sleek shell protects a simple yet efficient design that is easy for anyone to use.

LED displays not only give it a high-tech appeal, but take a lot of guesswork out of your first few pizzas. Once you have set the temperature dial, the only other step is to press a button and pop in the pie. It’s the perfect machine to test your pizza making abilities before upgrading to more expensive equipment.

If it turns out you aren’t the best pizza chef, that’s okay. You won’t have wasted a penny! The design of this machine also makes cooking small appetizers quick and simple. However, if you can’t seem to perfect the pizza process at first with this oven, don’t blame yourself.

There are some customer complaints about uneven heating that results in confusing crusts for your taste buds. Even if the crust doesn’t come out flawless, at least it will come out in one piece. The shape of the tray is made specifically to prevent food slipping off the back!

At the very least, its timeless design will add a seemingly professional flair to your cooking space. Besides looking great on your counter, this is a relatively cheap machine that helps you hone your abilities without risk!


  • Less expensive
  • LED display to see exact temperature
  • Easy storage and countertop placement


  • Some customer complaints about uneven heating
  • Some customer complaints about “cheap” manufacturing

Best Features:

  • Ability to cook wide range of foods
  • Quick preheat timing
  • Tray shape prevents food from sliding off

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The Picky Eater’s Partner-in-Crime – Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker BREBPZ600XL

Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker BREBPZ600XL Product ImageDo you want that brick oven taste, but don’t have room for one? This oven brings the brick oven flavor to your table straight from the countertop!

It looks like a waffle-maker on the outside, but is a pizza professional on the inside.

Its fool-proof settings allow you to cook according to your cravings night after night. There are settings for thin, medium, and thick crusts that takes the work out of getting an even crust! I would even go so as far to guess that making flatbread is simple with these controls.

If you are an experimental cook like myself, this oven even comes with a recipe book too. Getting inspiration from the recipe book will have you testing the limits of this amazing indoor pizza oven. For me, there’s nothing more fun than making a Frankenstein of a dinner. Falafel and lemon dill lasagna? Let’s try it! Chicken curry meatballs? Why not!

However, the work it takes away from cooking gets repurposed into the cleanup process. It is difficult to clean, but isn’t it the least you can do for the stress-free dinner it provides? You can make up to an 11-inch pizza or two smaller ones. Then if you’re still not full, it can pump out more.

No matter where you go, its portable size allows you to do this anywhere there’s electricity!

If you want a cute countertop accent that satisfies your pizza night cravings, this is all you need. Your stomach and your wallet will thank you!


  • Ability to cook up to 11-inch pizzas
  • Easy storage
  • Even heat distribution
  • Comes with pizza stone and recipe book


  • Little space between pizza stone and heating element
  • Difficult to clean

Best Features:

  • Dual heating
  • Built-in baking stone
  • Settings for thin, thick, or medium crusts

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Do you need an Outdoor Pizza Oven? (and reviews!)

Are you sick of compromising your love of pizza for your love of camping? Do you stare longingly at your tailgate burger wishing it were a sloppy slice of cheesy pie? Once you find the best outdoor pizza oven for you, you’ll never compromise again.

Take these magic pizza machines with you anywhere you go. If you don’t get the big catch on that fishing trip, you won’t worry about starving! As long as you have propane tanks or wood chips, you can pound out pizza after pizza.

ImageOutdoor Pizza OvenPriceRating
Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Product Image#1 - Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza OvenCheck Price100%
Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Product Image#2 - Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza OvenCheck Price98%
Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven Product Image#3 - Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 Outdoor Pizza OvenCheck Price96%
Cuisinart CPO-600 Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Product Image#4 - Cuisinart CPO-600 Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza OvenCheck Price93%
Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven - PC6000 Product Image#5 - Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven - PC6000Check Price90%

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll go into more detail on each of them. Click the yellow button once you’ve decided which is best for you.

The Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Product ImageTransform your barbeques with this powerhouse of an oven. The new design implements only the most careful considerations into what you need out of an outdoor pizza oven.

With three legs instead of four, you can guarantee stability on any surface. Even in the most rugged camp sites, this machine will fuel your adventures day in and day out.

While it fuels you with pizza and other delicious delicacies, you only have to fuel it with wood chips. It keeps your belly and wallet full. Additionally, the removable chimney directs smoke away from your eating and makes packing a snap!

It’s simple to assemble and use, even for novice cooks. Maybe you got that big kill on your hunting trip and don’t want to wait to taste it. Well you are in luck. Beyond pizza, you can roast meats and vegetables and try your hand at artisan breads as well!

Customers do report there is a slight learning curve to this device, but once you get it down, the payoff is invaluable.

Even if you aren’t an avid outdoor enthusiast, its classic appeal makes any patio or garden feel complete. Rid your yard of that old pile of kindling while enjoying a family favorite from the comfort of your yard. Its lightweight and basic shape allows you to place it anywhere you want!

Once you have that first barbeque with this outdoor pizza oven, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it!


  • Fast heat up and cook times
  • Comes with stone baking board and pizza peel
  • Uses relatively cheap wood pellets for fuel
  • Easy assembly


  • Customer complaints of shallow area for wood pellets
  • Somewhat of a learning curve

Best Features:

  • Body insulation maintains heat efficiency
  • Chimney clip allows portability
  • Three legs ensure more stable position on uneven surfaces
  • Ability to cook wide range of foods

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The Compact Brick Oven – Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven Product ImageThis stylish, simple oven is everything you could ever want from an outdoor pizza oven. If you have a propane tank, you can have all the pizza your stomach can hold!

After a short, effortless assembly, you can make up to two 10-inch pizzas at once. As long as the propane tank is running, you can continue feeding your pizza cravings. Once you’ve had your feel of cheesy, dreamy pie, you can move onto other mouth-watering munchies.

It’s capable of cooking roasts and pastries as well. Whether you’re on a mountain, in a stadium parking lot, or in your backyard, this oven lets you enjoy your favorite foods. Using propane as fuel not only makes it portable, but efficiently clean, too.

No smoke, no mess! Unlike wood stoves, you won’t have a cloud of ashes choking you during cleanup.

Although it uses propane and is made of stainless steel, you won’t miss that comforting brick oven taste! The ceiling has two layers that enhance heating dynamics to bring you the best brunch, lunch, or dinner you can imagine.

However, this is one of the few pizza ovens that do not come with a pizza peel. It would be wise to order one separately to easily rotate the pizza as it is cooking. Normally, pizzas are rotated 180-degrees halfway through to keep the crust from burning and ensure even heating on top.

That is another common customer complaint about this oven. Some seem to have issues with even heat distribution, but not all. It’s definitely something to keep in mind, but might not be a huge problem.

Despite its minute shortcomings, the best part is you can simply pick one up and pack it away. No matter where you take it, it’ll look good, work smoothly, and clean easy!


  • Quick preheat time
  • Easy assembly
  • Can make two 10-inch pizzas at once


  • Uneven heat distribution
  • Does not come with pizza peel

Best Features:

  • Ability to cook wide range of foods
  • Double layer ceiling mimics brick oven cooking
  • Runs on 1lb propane tank

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The Best Portable Pizza Oven on a Dime – Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven Product ImageIf you need a portable pizza oven on a budget, this is your perfect match. It’s affordable, durable, and reliable. Inside its steel shell is a 14-inch cordierite pizza stone that crisps your crusts precisely while excess heat cooks the top.

This kind of spacious interior allows you to continuously cook full size pizzas as long as your propane tank is running. On a 20lb propane tank, this equates to 25 hours of pizza! Do you think you can handle that?

If you’re insecure about your pizza abilities, the company even provides expert tips for beginner cooks. However, if you find some accessories are necessary to hinder pizza making hassles, you’ll have to purchase those separately. Fortunately, at such a convenient price, you’ll have plenty leftover to pick and choose your accessories!

One of these accessories is a wood pellet smoker. So if you aren’t happy with the flavor from gas cooking, you can alter it to get the smoky savor you prefer. Once you have the accessories and get the hang of using this machine, you’ll really start to notice the payoff.

Beyond having an incredible Italian classic whenever you desire, it’ll give you a boost of courage to explore other culinary endeavors. You’ll easily be able to do so with the money you’ll save on such a reasonably priced oven!

It’s so easy and affordable, it’s almost a no-risk purchase. Say goodbye to delivery and say hello to a new life where you can eat pizza anywhere, anytime!


  • Relatively cheap
  • Quick preheat and cook times
  • Comes with grilling stone


  • Can only be used with 20lb propane tank
  • Accessories bought separately

Best Features:

  • Portable use for camping and tailgating
  • Durable and rugged

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Cuisinart CPO-600 Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Cuisinart CPO-600 Alfrescamore Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Product ImageThe best thing about this model is that it’s so easy to put together, you can start cooking in no time!

Cuisinart makes it so simple to get the brick oven taste anywhere you go. This oven comes with a smoke chip cup to incorporate that smoky flavor we all love. My favorite part is once you finish the first pizza, there’s a warming tray underneath to keep it fresh while you whip up the second one!

Like some of the other models on this list, you can take this with you anywhere you have a propane tank! It can rest on any surface you want to put it and easily store almost everywhere you could think of. The built-in handles make this process even less of a hassle!

However, there is one thing about the handles. Since this is a reliable, hardworking pizza oven that gets really hot, it has a tendency to melt the plastic handles. It is frustrating, but would not be a huge problem to change them out. All it would take are a couple of wrenches and probably a Dremel bit to match a new handle of different material.

The only other common complaint is that the manual is a little difficult to understand.

Other than these couple of snags, you’ve got yourself a durable pizza oven that will last through every trip. If you already have a larger or more immobile pizza oven, this one would be perfect as your “to-go” pizza oven!

Who says you can’t have it all in one big package? Not Cuisinart!


  • Easy assembly requires zero tools
  • Comes with pizza peel, cordierite stone, and other accessories
  • Even heat distribution


  • Plastic handle melts under intense heat
  • Customer complaints of hard to read manual

Best Features:

  • Portability for camping and tailgating
  • Built-in smoker box for wood-fired taste
  • Warming tray underneath

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Best Outdoor Pizza Oven for Home and BeyondPizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven – PC6000

Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven - PC6000 Product ImageThis model pizza oven makes sure you get the best quality pizza with each meal. It doesn’t come with a smoking wood chip cup, but its own unique technology instead. The pizza stone that comes in it has two layers.

Between these layers is an air gap to prevent overheating. Then, while your crust is crisping perfectly on the bottom, there is an air vent on top to prevent sogginess! It’s almost a fool-proof pizza cooking machine! Even a beginner can comfortably sit back and let this oven do all the work.

However, there are a couple of downsides to this machine you should know about. One in particular that scares me away are regular complaints about the ignitor and thermostat. Some customers said even after only a few uses, the ignitor had quit working and was a pain to fix.

Concerning the thermostat, the complaints were mostly about inconsistent temperature. The display might read one way, but when tested with a thermal gun, it actually measures differently. This can cause some serious issues with even cooking, no matter how great the double-layer stone and air vent are.

If you feel like you can manage these issues, there isn’t anything else to worry about! You can pack this machine with you anywhere you want to bring the taste of delicious pizza.

Don’t plan your next tailgate party until you’ve invested in one of these magic machines!


  • Quick preheat and cook times
  • Runs 2 hours on a 1lb propane tank
  • Cooks up to one 12-inch pizza at a time


  • Customer complaints of unreliable ignitor and thermostat
  • More expensive considering low manufacturing quality

Best Features:

  • Portability makes it useful for camping and tailgating
  • Comes with cordierite pizza stones with air gap to prevent burning
  • Moisture vent at top to prevent sogginess

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There’s Nothing to Think About!

Whether you’re drawn to sleek stainless steel or the rustic charm of brick and mortar, there’s a pizza oven for you. Coming in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of various accessories, your options are limitless. It’s never too early to start looking.

Like me, you had probably never thought about it before, but you honestly should. Now that you know there are pizza ovens for your home, how could you turn it away? Even if you aren’t a huge fan of pizza, many of these machines are capable of roasting meats and vegetables better than your normal oven!

As a novice hunter, I’ve also begun considering new way to use an outdoor pizza oven to smoke meats. If possible, it’d be much more convenient than building a teepee smoker or spending money on more equipment. Even if it wouldn’t work, at least I’d have a clean oven to keep indoors and a rugged one to carry with me on trips!

You seriously can’t go wrong with these ovens. Even if your plan backfires, these versatile machines can serve numerous other purposes. Most likely, your plans will expand rather than backfire once you see what they can do.

My indoor pizza oven was undeniably life-changing, and yours will be too if you let it. You deserve more than bland, boring delivery garbage. Treat yourself, your friends, and your family with a savory pizza made from love today!

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