5 Best Portable Espresso Machines for your Kitchen

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5 Best Portable Espresso Machines For Your KitchenThere are millions of coffee lovers in this world. Some are pure addicts, who cannot survive without drinking coffee whereas some take it occasionally for the several health benefits that it offers. Intake of coffee can do wonders in the human body. It acts as a protection against type 2 diabetes, liver diseases, liver cancer, Parkinson’s disease etc. It also is responsible for promoting a healthy heart. Coffee is also said to prevent premature deaths, act as a protection against cirrhosis and a lot more.

Today, everything has become instantaneous. The technological advancements have made everything possible in a blink of an eye. There is a device for everything. From cutting vegetables to making coffee, everything can be done using automated machines. Espresso is one such type of machine which is used to brew coffee. The coffee brewed by an espresso is thicker as compared to any of the other coffee making machines. If you have an espresso portable maker, it is even better.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – WACACO MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

WACACO MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker product image

The espresso maker is a very compact and featherweight handheld espresso machine. The machine is light and versatile and can be carried anywhere easily. It is built with a very innovative design and has a very powerful extraction pump for a rich, bold and tasty espresso. The machine is equipped with a scoop and a cup. You get to grind your own coffee beans and get more control while preparing your own coffee. The resulting espresso is so rich in quality that you will not be able to stop yourself. It allows you to use and choose your own variety of beans which grants you flexibility in trying new flavors. You can go on to experiment with the different flavors, mix them and a lot more.

The device is efficient and is controlled by a semi-automatic piston. The piston controls the amount of coffee that you want to pour into your cup. The machine is hand operated and hence enables you to make coffee even when there is no electricity. This feature makes the WACACO MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker the best travel espresso maker. You can make up to 50ml of coffee in a single go. The espresso machine serves you in home, office or anywhere you go.

What we like about it

The best part of this espresso machine is that it is quite flexible and you can choose the coffee beans of your choice. This feature makes it unique and lets you try new flavours for yourself. The built-in cup and scoop allow you to prepare coffee anywhere without the need for any types of equipment. It also does not require any electricity to operate which makes it versatile and best portable espresso maker.

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#2 – Litchi Portable Hand Held Espresso Maker

 Litchi Portable Hand Held Espresso Maker product image

This espresso machine is a perfect gift for coffee lovers. It has a very elegant and modern design and comes in different colors. The style makes it even more appealing to the customers. The machine is very simple to operate and is perfect for travel. It is also one of the best portable espresso machines. The espresso made by it is of high quality and the taste is mouthwatering. The machine is fast and works in 3 simple steps as mentioned in the user manual. The handheld coffee maker includes a filter, scoop, a cup and a pressure pump. You get an addition filter basket and a carrying bag along with it. This makes carrying the portable espresso machine easier. Along with all this, you also get a high-quality BPA material free with every Portable Espresso machine by Litchi. The portable nespresso comes with a 1-year warranty which makes your purchase safe.

The machine needs to be operated manually. It does not require any electricity or battery which makes it suitable for use anywhere and everywhere. You can enjoy the espresso anytime be it summer or winter; you are at ease or busy working. The handheld espresso makes it easy to carry out your work.  You can prepare up to two shots of high-quality espresso with only a few pumps.

What we like about it

The elegance of the portable espresso maker is eye-catching. The machine operates manually and requires no electricity or battery to function. This makes it suitable for travel. You can operate the coffee maker easily. Getting a cup of espresso for you requires no effort. Up to 2 cups of tasty coffee can be prepared with only a few pumps. By adding milk to the espresso, you can also prepare cappuccino in this espresso maker.

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#3 – Aicok portable espresso coffee maker

Aicok Portable Espresso Coffee Maker product image

The machine has a very lightweight. It is a portable espresso maker machine. The machine has a very sleek design and is very easy to operate. You can enjoy a rich and thick espresso by pressing only a single button. This unique one-button technology makes it even handier. If you press the button and no sound is heard, you get to see the battery quantity. Pressing the button for 3 seconds, you hear a sound which indicates that the water is now boiled. Pressing the button for almost 5 seconds, you hear a sound along with a shake which shows the clean and boiling coffee function.

The espresso machine has a filter screen inside which is a filtered water source. The filter removes the impurities present if any. The button is made up of silicone. The button is waterproof and is meant to reduce pressure on the item body. The aicok portable espresso coffee maker has a silicone round cup which adds to your hand support.

Making coffee in this machine is very easy. You can make 45 ml of Italian coffee for yourself with a single coffee capsule. The capsule is stored in the coffee capsule slot. This espresso maker is hence a perfect package to make coffee anywhere you go, without the requirement of any extra equipment.

What we like about it

It is a handheld espresso maker which makes it very handy. The machine makes lip-smacking espresso. The lightweight of the aicok portable espresso coffee maker makes it suitable for travel purposes. You can carry it wherever you go. No external equipment needs to be carried. It has an inbuilt cup and coffee capsule slot. The coffee making is instantaneous and does not require much time and energy. It works with a single button which makes it easily operable.

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#4 – PRESSOPUMP Cordless Espresso Maker

PRESSOPUMP Cordless Espresso Maker product image

It is the best portable espresso maker choice for anyone. It now comes in a new and much improved cordless model. You do not require USBs to operate it. This espresso maker contains a powerful and rechargeable Lithium battery to work and hence does not need to be charged frequently. The coffee made is delicious in taste and can be prepared under 2 minutes of time. It prepares a coffee espresso shot which is rich and creamy in taste.  The Pressopump offers automatic extraction of your tasty coffee. This coffee maker is affordable and has a long durability. It will serve you for a very long time due to its durable gasket. All the parts of the machine can be easily detached and cleaned. This detachability of the parts ensures complete cleanliness of the coffee maker. The Pressopump is lead-free and is made up of high-quality durable material.

The maker has a 16 bar pressure pump which gives real espresso with a cream topping. This espresso maker comes with a number of components which includes measuring scoop, cup, filter basket, USB power charger and a user manual. It is also one of the lightest and smallest espresso makers that have been produced. This feature makes it the best travel espresso maker.

What we like about it

The Coffeemaker is extremely handy and can be carried anywhere without much difficulty. Its small size and light weight make it easy to handle. The coffee can be made very easily and is also very tasty. You do not need to carry any extra stuff with you. All the equipment are inbuilt in this machine. All of these features make it the best portable espresso machine which is unique and different from the other Espresso makers.

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#5 – Sweet Alice Portable Handheld Espresso Maker

Sweet Alice Portable Handheld Espresso Maker product image

The Sweet Alice Portable Handheld Espresso Maker has a very small design and a built-in pressure of 8 bars. It comprises a permanent filter. It also has a cup and a scoop attached to it. The coffee produced by this espresso machine is rich in flavour and has lower acidity.  It offers you energy-rich, tasty espresso just like any other professional coffee machine. It is sleek and comes at a much cheaper price which anyone can easily afford. It requires only 2.7 oz of water and about 7 g of coffee to get you a delicious cup of espresso.

The fresher the beans that you use, the better and tastier coffee you get. It does not require any electric power or battery and works completely with the help of the piston on the side. It takes a little more time as compared to other coffee makers. You need to press the piston for several minutes to get your coffee ready. The portable espresso maker is a perfect gift for special occasions to friends and family. The design of the machine is open which makes cleaning it simpler and quicker. It is also very safe to use. The machine does not use any sort of chemicals.

What we like about it

The Sweet Alice Portable Handheld Espresso Maker comes at a very affordable price. The price does not make any difference to its taste. The espresso made by this machine is equally tasty as compared to any of the other expensive espresso machines. There is no compromise on the quality. It is the most suitable travelling espresso machine. It can also be considered as the portable Nespresso machine. This best travel espresso maker comes with a 12-month product warranty and a 30 days money back guarantee which allows customers to invest in the product without any risk.

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How we chose the best Portable Espresso Machines in our list

If you are one of those coffee lovers who want to brew a latte, cappuccino and espresso anywhere, anytime. The above lists of products are the best as per your needs. There are a number of factors that one looks for before getting a portable espresso maker for themselves. We went through a lot of portable espresso maker review and handheld espresso maker review on various sites and comparing the features and quality of coffee that each of them offers, we came up with the above 5 products. The factors that all of us consider while getting our own espresso machines are-

  1. Price- We all want the best stuff at a minimal rate. The espresso makers mentioned are all quite affordable and will not affect your pocket in any way.
  2. Quality- We as coffee lovers cannot compromise on the taste of our coffee. So, the portable espresso maker should give us extremely delicious espresso. The coffee should be rich in quality.
  3. Ease of operation- The machine that we purchase can be automatic, semi-automatic or even manual. But the key lies in the fact that we should be able to operate it very easily.
  4. Time is taken for preparation- This is also a very important factor which needs to be considered. The coffee should be thick, tasty and should be prepared really fast.
  5. Variety – we look for variety in everything. A good espresso machine is one which offers us a number of coffee types and is flexible to use.

Different Types of Portable Espresso Machines

The espresso machine technology has improved tremendously in recent times owing to the invention of the single shot espresso machine in the early 20th century. Although there have been advancements in technology, yet the fundamental ideology of working of the machine remain the same.

You basically have 2 kinds to pick from while buying your espresso machine- The one which will do all your work and the other which will let you carry out the things your own way. The first corresponds to the super automatic machine while the second one to the semi automatic one.

Super Automatic machine

If you are the type of person who does not have free time to bother about the variation in shade of the coffee made or the fine tuning of the brew, this machine is perfectly suited for you.

The super automatic espresso machine has

  1. An automatic coffee grinder.
  2. Facility to automatically fill the water
  3. It dispenses the frothed milk

The machine is meant for one touch espresso lovers. All you need to do is start the machine and sit back and wait for your espresso.

The semi automatic espresso machine

If you are the type of person who likes improvising your coffee before drinking, the semi automatic machine is meant for  Ithas the following features-

  • The automated water temperature and pressure handler
  • It has a manually controlled pump
  • It has adjustable steam and water flow.
  • There is no coffee grinder which thus allows you to grind coffee in your own way.

Why you need the best Portable Espresso Machines in our kitchen

Coffee is loved by everyone in this world. The coffee lovers have a desire for the best coffee which is rich in taste and is also of high quality. The coffee refreshes them when tired. Some also take it as a regular habit. But not necessarily all of them know how to make a cup for themselves. Even if they know, they are looking for easy solutions to suffice the purpose. Many would rather order it from a café than prepare themselves. Also, you cannot have your kitchen everywhere. After a tedious day at work, making coffee for you is very difficult.

Here comes the use of a coffee machine or a portable espresso. The ease that the espresso maker provides you with is beyond words. It saves you the extra efforts that you put in the kitchen to make a single cup of coffee for yourself. You can take it anywhere you want to be it camping, hiking, office etc and get a cup of tasty espresso without any efforts. These espresso makers come with an inbuilt cup and scoop and hence do not require any other equipment for use. The portable espresso makers come in various shapes, size colour and quality. The quality of the coffee made by each also differs. But the above-listed espresso makers give you the best portable espresso. They are flexible and you can make the coffee of your choice be it espresso, latte or cappuccino. The taste of the espresso by all of these espresso machines is mouthwatering. The best machines will certainly give you the best espresso.

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