Best Slow Cooker Cookbook Reviews

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A slow cooker is a great helper for those hectic days when you just don’t have much time to spare making lunch or dinner. If you’ve never tried slow cooking before you should try the recipes in these books. They’re stunningly delicious and also addicting.

Slow Cooker: The Best Cookbook Ever with More Than 400 Easy-to-Make Recipes (ISBN-10: 0811866572)

I’m sure a lot of people would fret about that “best cookbook ever” title but this book does have heaps of excellent slow cooking recipes.

The author, Diane Phillips, has put some delicious recipes for soups, roast, puddings, stews and many more.

With more that four hundred recipes you can have unique dinner menu everyday for a whole year.

One caveat of this book is the color used for the text. Somehow the publisher thought those green and brown fonts are better than plain black over white. It’s really sad that such a good book as this one is so hard to read.

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Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Recipes for Two: For the Small Slow Cooker (ISBN-10: 1558323414)

Since I don’t know your mother I can’t really tell if this is actually not you’re mothers slow cooker recipe book.

However I really think your mom would love to have this recipe book.

It has lots of original recipes specially made for slow cooking in 1.5 to 3.5-quart slow cooker – perfect serving size for small families.

Some of the recipes you should try are pulled barbecue chicken, tomato lentil soup and classico beef stew.

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Fix-It and Forget-It Lightly: Healthy, Low-Fat Recipes for Your Slow Cooker (ISBN-10: 1561484318)

If you want to cut down your fat intake you should consider getting this cookbook.

It has lots of low fat recipes which are adaptations from popular dishes.

Some of the dishes are not only low fat but also low sodium so people having problem with their sodium intake would also appreciate this.

The recipes are easy to follow and use reasonable amount of ingredients which means novice cook can confidently try the recipes.

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Fix-It and Forget-It Diabetic Cookbook: Slow-Cooker Favorites to Include Everyone! (ISBN-10: 1561484598)

For people with diabetes good food can be more than a luxury but not again.

Phyllis Good has patiently compiled a great list of tasty slow-cooking food specially geared toward people with diabetes.

Don’t get it wrong; even though the recipes are specially made for people with diabetes people who don’t have diabetes can enjoy them too.

There is a wide selection of steak, casseroles, vegetables, stews, potatoes, chicken, soups, barbecue, soups, snacks and desserts.

In short this is a cookbook that can bring a wide smile to anyone with diabetes.

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