5 Best Steak Knife Sets for your Kitchen

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5 Best Steak Knife Sets For Your KitchenYou may want to consider what you are doing with the knife before picking one for your kitchen. Non rusted, stainless steel, ebony wooden carvings and most fascinating features among all is the life time warranty, are more candy pick doing rounds symbolising royalty, elegancy and high altitude of temptations to own these beauties in your kitchens. The differences are significant. Before we get into the meats of the review some explanation is obviously necessary because linage of these quality steak knives isn’t straight into your pocket.

Having a good steak knife set in kitchen is essential part if cooking because it will affect the integrity of the ingredients. The origin of these steak knife sets traces of samurai warrior’s swords. Same metal forging technique methods used to produce Japanese swords engaged with latest machineries are manufactured today to create the bespoke kitchen blades the “true Japanese blacksmith technique” to make you feel like a swoon worthy warriors in kitchens. Here comes the odd number of steak knife sets.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Shun DMS400 classic 4-piece steak knives

Shun Dms400 Classic 4 Piece Steak Knife Set Product Image

These knives are beautifully crafted with wider angles which aide’s edges retention so they remain sharp for prolonged period. These set of 4 beauties comes in 4-3/4 inches knife, they are comfortable well balanced and fun to work with it. The technology rammed over the tradition of ancient sword making, anyone will be realized how sharp the authentic kitchen knives have in use. Not only professionals but homemaker also would be pleased with using these best non serrated steak knives These top steak knives sore specialized designed for specific purpose.

Apart from sharp crafted blades, handles shape single or double beveled edges and finishing details are also important. They are also known as Santoku blades (a well-balanced knife). A shun DM400 classic Japanese knife is more versatile than a chef’s knife. A shun classic is by far more versatile tool for your kitchens. The longest shun knives you barely going to get is 7 inches. The blade traditionally has no fancy curves. Japanese cooks tend to use forward or backward strokes, and straight up and down chop. The history of shun knives caste an interesting monologue, these knives were originally invented for Japanese homemaker’s, and meant to be all purpose knife. They are used for only three purpose. Slicing, cutting meat and chopping vegetables. The only minus point on these knives are that they have gone so main stream and so common that there’s no novelty to them now, conscientiously the shun knives are still on sale list.

What we like about it:

Apart from the “three uses” of the shun knives its inward design allows you to choke up on the handle and place your finger along the guard giving you more control of knife. You can use the thick spine to hammer and crack bones crush garlics, gingers or anything else you can you want to render pulpy mess. It’s ergonomically tactful for female hands. These shun knives comes with 33 layers of stainless steel for rust-free Damascus look. The tip of the blade along the spines tapers sharply downwards. It’s great for chopping herbs, fruits, chicken. A well balanced grip functionality.

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#2 – Dalstrong steak knives-shogun series

Dalstrong Steak Knives Set Shogun Series Japanese Vg10 Product Image

The best in the class steel knives and a best workmanship enrolled to production. The knives are assembled with expert blades smiths in state of art facility within yang Jing, china (a city emphasized for knife crafting for almost 1500years). The Dalstrong knives are made differently on different location example: – the shogun series uses steel made from japan, and the gladiator’s series uses steel made in Germany and handles made of pakkawood (made from Spain). The workshop on crafting these tools are originated for over 20 years.  The edges are scary sharp. The Dalstrong shogun series come with a good shape, power striking sharpness, looks gorgeous and can be used for any occasion. Some of these come with honing steel and a carving fork. these shoguns are limits and messing with the edges with whetstone is a dangerous game. The blades are high carbon forged steel. They are created aesthetically or technically and are twice as good for twice the price.

Want wafer-thin pieces of beacon? Simply invest on Dalstrong shogun. The only drawback of this quality steak knife claims to be quiet expensive comparatively and there is nothing much controversial about this knife, but they have obviously serious consideration in form of balance and handling rather than just trying to make look pretty and light. Then handle isn’t straight, its curves down beautifully. After usage the knife feels to give immense satisfaction of is fictional properties. The blade is carefully tapered for improving hardness, flexibility and minimal slicing resistance. The perfectly engineered convex edges at 18 degrees precise ensures smooth effortless slicing again and again. But we are quiet sceptical about allowing unprofessional or inexperienced to handle this tool. But it’s worth having one Dalstrong shogun series in every kitchen. It eases your work up to 90%.

What we like about it;

Good quality of blades and handle materials are used to prevent from slipping and gives good water proof credibility which mean you don’t have to dry the handle for fear of rot. The slices of meat fall of the blade gracefully from these best steak knife sets Best use for slicing sandwiches, salads, and all cold cut treats. You can cut a lot of hard or bone foodstuff like whole chicken, ribs, winter squashes, melons, lobster shell Made from real Japanese steel (VG10) The wooden carvings are ergonomically crafted. Once bought never gets disappointed for its smooth functionality.

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#3 – Cangshan s1 series German steel 8 p steak knives:

Cangshan S1 Series 60621 German Steel Forged 8 Piece Steak Knife Set Product Image

The giant series of cangshan come in a combat team of 8 pieces of serrated sharp shinny blades. Forged from x50cr15MoV German steel. Originate from china. Its barns to itself. Which derives the quality of the steak knives? These scary beauties are very durable with low chance of breaker shipping because of the German steel. The wood handles are carving from acacia woods. They come with salient feature of not being too heavy and causing wrist fatigue. Each and every blade has been extremely sharpening. The cangshan are ergonomically designed, so that they fit perfectly in the uses hands.

Some of the wooden box is made in walnut design that has a unique dotted pattern, which allows users to an easily see based through the side of the knife block. These knives also feature with teakwood handle. These knives are used for daily basses in kitchen. For long-lasting durability food oil should be place on woods to ensure the wood doesn’t dry. The weight of the known is quiet great in pleasure while it balance is simply superb. All cangshan knives offer great balance. The drawback of these steak knife set reviews are its high profile maintenance on wooden part. Once these steak knives sets are wet dry then immediately, the handles and wooden dock should be oiled periodically. Apart from this the blades and the holdings are exceptional. The seriees1 doesn’t come with sharpening steel but a 22 pieces cangshan offers sharpening steel to sharp the blades. These top steak knives are considered “essential possession” in kitchen. The cangshan combines the best quality of western and eastern style designs, material.

What we like about it;

The tool of good steak knife set is extremely durable which comes in an affordable price for every occasion. Manufactures with an extremely hard steel. The balance and sharpness allows for quick precise cuts and the designs are sturdy and very fashionable represents with brand and its quality. They can be used from meats to vegetable to mincing garlic. National sanitization foundation (NSF) certified, lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. The edges can be re-sharpen.

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#4 – Wusthof gourmet space steak knives

Wusthof Gourmet 6 Piece Steak Knife Set Product Image

The knives of Wusthof are originated from Germany hence recognized the top rated top steak knife set lines by customer reports. All the Wusthof steak knives for money are forged except for the stamped Emeril and gourmet and laser cut silver point series. These knives are smartly crafted with sharpened angle of 14 degree per side. Their unique manufacturing style comprises with 40 steps down the linage. Wushthof gourmets are stamped with no bolster and comes in full length tang finished with triple riveted polyoxymethylene black handles, their blades are made with most fascinating numerical formulae “x 50 cr Mo V 15” significantly made with 0.5 carbon, 15% chromium and unspecified but smaller amount of molybdenum. A wushtof blade is incorporated a new computer controlled method for putting the edges on forged knives. Using laser guided precisions, so the knives will be 20%nsharper with twice the edges retention, now all the forged knives are manufactured using Technology.

You will find numbers printed on these blades to identify quality knife sets coming from the same brand. some blades come with cross hatch pattern on them instead of a run number. This is another way to code and identify blades. The prices of Wusthof knives are same all over the world weather retail markets or online e-commerce websites. Always use the same brand sharpener to sharpen the blades, and the sharping angle is 14 inches per side. Wushtof are not a heavy duty knives set, but the products are mostly purchased because of Wusthof reputation. Every products comes with pros and cons so the bad side of this tool is it give too extra precautions to take care of it, by using the same brand sharpener, washing with warm water and immediacy settling to dry. Maintaining the knives cutting edge by regularly using a honing steel. Avoid cutting very hard surfaces.

What we like about it

These super non serrated knife set carry lifetime warranty against manufacture defects. The quality Knife sets are made with special alloy of high carbon stain free steel and it is beautifully crafted with laser-cut stamped lines. Buffed and polished by hands. They cut beautifully, grip nicely and are otherwise an attractive set. They are laser sharp so be extremely careful. Easy to clean, light weighted. Need not sharpen blades more than once or twice a year

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#5 – Dalstrong steak knives gladiator series

Dalstrong Steak Knives Set Gladiator Series Product Image

The incredibly designed with razor sharp technology and high carbonated German originated steel, hand polish edges at 18 degrees per side. A full-fledged desirable tool isn’t?  This knife has won awards for the outstanding craftsmanship, grip fully manhandled. The handle is absolutely comfortable to hold made with pakkawood and its triple riveted grip is ergonomically adjustable according to your fist. The blades are fearfully tall to provide useful knuckles clearance. It is crafted from standardized hand polished with define satin handle. Mostly use by professionals or well experienced. The hang of technically using the tools takes a bit desirable time. The drawback of Dalstrong gladiators are they relatively most expensive and the end cap bolster creates a heavy handle, but well worth a cost. This knife is ideal for chefs, because the blade is deeper than average designed to execute heavy duties like chopping. They are easy to hold onto and won’t move around in your hand. The deep blade offers a few benefits like increase knuckles clearance as well as making chopping efficient, the added depth is great for rocking motion style of cutting which is used to make slicing, dicing, and chopping. The handle comes with comfortable grip it’s constructed to stand up to a lot of heavy workload. The handles material won’t degrade or wear down over time and feel secure inn hand with three rivet and full tang.

While some chef’s find the handles to be heavy or cumbersome but this helps to balance the blade and continuous use can give a hang of using further. Compare to shoguns they are cheap in price and they don’t seem to be lacking aesthetically or technically. Both shogun and gladiators comes with long time guarantee. The shogun blades are thinness compare to gladiator but you can bring the angle down on a gladiator with a whetstone. Over seventy-five thousand chefs have been switched to Dalstrong for the quality, unconditional support, for its finger protective bolster perfectly engineered balances with right heft. These knives work according to you, day in day out making you more effective, creative, and precise in the kitchen.

What we like about it

The best knife set reviews are carefully tapered for improved hardness, flexibility, and minimal slicing resistance. The slice of meat falls of gracefully from knife with perfect cutting, without removing its juice and less messy. Polished to satin finish give royal look. Since it’s made from laminated pakkawood which is good for a few reason. For one, its non-slip. Two, this material is impervious to oils, salts and liquids.  Its presentation comes in a well-made box with a sleek black sheath, makes elegant and useful gift for anyone who likes to cook.

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How we choose the top steak knife sets in our list

We offer the best way to live the life for those who spend most of their life in kitchen or high organized cooking stations. Here come the knife planet surrogate’s top chef’s best choices of good steak knife set on their daily basis use with attractive features making them more reliable, after all who understands the best steak knives other than chefs around the world. when figured out what is the best quality of knives attracts to them, they simply answered.

  • the blades should be accurate and should work efficiently
  • stay sharp longer
  • while cutting edges should not contact the plates
  • the meat should be sliced like a butter
  • There should be the sense of pride while using them.

The best steak knife set is not only a pursuit of chef’s Manual work. The knives also comprise of comfort ability, quality, manufacture, brands producing them, durability, warranty and trade. The best steak knives should be comfortable and ergonomically designed for big hands, small hands, thin or fat, wet or dry hands. When it comes to quality the blades must be shinning, rust-free, stainless, indestructible same goes to handles, where few handles are comfortable with beautiful Pakkawood or ebony some of the height class steak knives handles are made with most expensive woods and plastics, the quality varies from brands to brands. Some of the best steak knives for money comes encrypted with life time warranty and some steak knives vary according to usage. For ex- your atmosphere is western steakhouse, so you want matte finish wooden handles.

Different types of steak knife sets:

Here we have picked top steak knives sets giving you brief overviews about each of those. Research says these are the knives your guest will see, hold and use when they visit your home for a meal.

Best in class:

  • Dalstrong gladiator series steak knives: They are in top position for numerous reasons. These top steak knives are fat long blades with wooden handles. The steel is made with high carbon and Packwood accents on the handles are riveted onto steel. Very huge and ergonomically designed.

Best stainless steel

  • Wusthof gourmet steak knives: The blades remain sharp for long time than dalstrong or shun steak knives. Wusthof comprises of stain resistance alloy to high carbon steel to avoid brown or any other spots unlike other steak knives. They are sturdy and balanced and yes this set is also impressive for its price value.
  • Shun DMS400 classic piece:  These blades come with 33layer of stainless steel, will stay rust free for years to come. The best thing about these quality knives are they are dish wash friendly unlike Wusthof high carbon blades not allowed to place under dishwasher, but the wooden handles of the best serrated steak isn’t dish wash friendly they should not even be submerged under water which may rot.
  • Victorinox Swiss steak steel: The same people that make wonderful Swiss army knives makes Victorinox. These knives come under budget category. They also comprise of stainless steel. The blade l length is max 12 inches. Useful for butchering with ease in cuts of meat. High carbon stainless steel.
  • The Laquiole steak knives: These knives also fall under budget category. They come in exquisite wood presentation box. Absolutely simple and beautiful. The “genuine Laquiole-style” will have a brand name on them and the word “France” or “made in France” imbibed on the blades.

Why you need the best steak knife sets in your kitchen?

There is nothing more exasperating and embarrassing as having you cut of meat go flying off the plate while you are trying to cut it. Owning a good set of steak knives can cut through tough meat and gristle easily. Of course these top steak knives elevate your kitchen interiors. Having best steak knives makes you adapt skilfully cutlery ability and functionality real or perceived. The benefits are intangible but varies from person to person. It’s a huge miss conception that steak knives are just kitchen knives. They are most certainly not kitchen knives are used on a wooden or ploy cutting board. Steak knives are used on hard plates. It not compulsory to have a best steak knife for money in every kitchen but having gone recreational and positive functionality .one must own any of these ergonomically designed cutlery.

The very interesting fact to share is worth the topic, since quality steak knife sets are very sharp, a sharp knife actually causes fewer cuts. The reason you cut yourself less with steak knives is because it takes less force to cut through anything. Steak knives aren’t scary, blunt ones that need loads of force and are liable to go anywhere are. There is absolutely no down-side to owning a good set of steak knives. Well prepared food is deserving of respect and should be eaten with best cutlery and table ware position. Let’s do your dining room and kitchen a favour by elevating the interiors on owning these masterpieces for creative master chefs.

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