5 Best Water Purifiers for your Kitchen

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5 Best Water Purifiers for your KitchenHuman body comprises of 70% water and hence, it becomes our responsibility to take care of the quality of water that is being consumed by us. Clean and pure water is the basic requirement of every individual but pollution leads to contamination of freshwater reserves. A water purifier keeps the water clean by removing the impurities by means of chemical processes. Clean water is required for healthy functioning of body and reduce the chances of water burner diseases like cholera, typhoid and other diseases.

A water purifier is an indispensable part of your kitchen as it keeps you and your family safe. However making selection of the best water purifier is one herculean task. Therefore we bring you a comprehensive guide about the best water purifier

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller Product Image

If pure water is the world’s finest medicine then this water purifier is the hermit for it gives you the best and purest water. This water purifier distills about 1 gallon of water per 5.5 hours in a day. The machine distills water at a proper speed and also removes toxins and other impurities from water, thus purifying the contaminated water. The body of the purifier is something to talk about. Made from a stainless steel interior which is of grade 304, the structure ensures that the water does not touch plastic of the machine making it the best home water purifier.

The distiller produces distilled water of a pure steam by means of which the water is collected in a glass lined nozzle and from there into glass collector. The megahome distiller keeps the water safe and clean in every way. So, it not just distills the water but also prevents it from getting contaminated by coming in contact with cheap plastic parts. Apart from that, the company in itself, is a mark of quality. The company provides a warranty of one year which includes a service and support that you expect from a company of that reputation. The brand is an established one in the market and has been in the market for many years which itself is a proof of its quality and service assurance.

What we liked about the product

What we really liked about the product is the mechanism on which the machine functions. The product ensures that the water that you consume is safe in every way possible. For this reason, the mechanism is designed in a way so as to provide maximum comfort and security. This water purifier makes sure that the water is distilled and purified by means of the best technology and at the same time, remains protected from coming in contact with contaminated plastic.

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#2 – Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher with Filter

Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher with Filter Product Image

Are you tired of living in an area where there is no arrangement for pure water? The water tastes too bad to be deemed fit for human consumption. Well, it’s time to change, not the house but your water purifier. This BRITA Water Filter Pitcher offers you a package of the most desired features at one place. This filter can distill up to ten cups of water in a moment which makes it a suitable choice for singles as well as family persons. The water filter boasts of an adequate capacity as it can replace 300 sufficiently large number of plastic bottles at a time, something that is bound to catch the attention of the reader.

The filter is perfect for places where the supply of water is not of a good quality. There are certain areas in the world where the water that enters the pipelines is either very contaminated or is treated with chlorine in high amounts to make it fit for human consumption. However, by use of this product you can ensure the health and well-being of your family as the purifier makes use of a filter that reduces the quantity of chlorine, copper, zinc, mercury and cadmium from the water, thus making it completely safe to be used for drinking purpose. The filter is also enabled with an indicator which informs the user about when to change the filter.

What we liked about the product

You must be thinking as to why we are advocating the product when clearly the body is made of plastic. Well, the brand ensures to take care of safety of its customers which is why the plastic that is used in the manufacturing of this water filter pitcher is of superior quality. The product uses BPA free pitcher which in itself is a sure shot proof of the quality of the product, making it the best water purifier pitcher.

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#3 – LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier

LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier Product Image

Yet another award winning product manufactured by lifestraw family is this amazingly deigned water purifier that is the unanimous choice of people all across the world. The purifier boasts of superior quality designing process and more than that a noble idea behind its invention. The company seeks to fulfill the need for fresh and pure water for consumption in order to keep the people safe and secure. The purifier removes 99.9% of germs and impurities from the water. These impurities include bacteria, protozoa and viruses which can adversely affect the health of an individual. Apart from that, the purifier also keeps the water safe from iodine, chlorine, or for that matter any other chemical.

The purifier has the capacity to store approximately 18000 liters of water which is totally free of all kinds of germs and impurities. The amount of water that the filter has the potential of purifying is sufficient enough for a family of four people, making it the best water purifier system. Also, the gravity filter that is equipped in the machine is what attracts our attention. This mechanism makes the work done by the machine quite efficient and organized since all you have to do is pour the tap water from the top and the clean and purified water will automatically come out from the bottom. This ensures that the consumer is able to get pure and consumable water.

What we liked about the product?

What really attracted us about the product is the fact that the purifier is a trusted and dependable solution for all the customers. Many a times, the customers feel hesitant to use a new product and especially when it comes to water purifiers, their concern knows no bounds for it is a matter of safety of their family. However, this particular product is something that you can trust completely for it has provided beyond satisfactory results.

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#4 – Big Berkey BK4X2-CF With 2 9″ Ceramic Filters

Big Berkey BK4X2-CF With 2 9 Ceramic Filters Product Image

You know what they say, there’s no school like the old school! No, not that this product belongs to that category but how about going a bit traditional with our choice of water purifiers. After all, simplicity and sophistication are two essential elements that are always desired by people. This particular product is a perfect blend of tradition meets modernity for the product takes a significant place among the water purifier reviews. The capacity of the water filter to hold water is extraordinary for the filter is able to store up to 3.5 gallons of water per hour. This makes the filter a perfect choice for families since it caters to their requirements and does not need attention time and again, giving you full freedom to run other errands.

The design and build of the purifier is something to discuss in detail about. The strong and durable stainless steel body of the purifier makes it a popular choice among the middle income groups for the purifier provides them with the assurance of longer shelf life. Apart from that, the price at which these purifiers are available are something to give a serious thought to. The filter can be ordered online or can be purchased at your nearest store. However, while ordering the product online makes sure to do it from authentic and trusted sellers to get the best opinion.

What we liked about the product?

What we really liked about the product is the fact that the purifier is extremely easy to maintain and sophisticated to look at. Additionally, the capacity of the filter to hold gallons of water is something that makes it larger than life. The strong build up and design, which the filter is made of makes it go unnoticed before the human eye. Apart from that, the very fact that the product is extremely simple and economic to use which makes it a widely recognized choice among people.

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#5 – Kingplast water purification machine

Kingplast water purification machine Product Image

The last of the product that forms a part of our list is definitely the best among its contemporaries. The product is not manufactured imported from other countries. Bragging of a perfect design so as to provide suitability and stability for longer time. This particular grade f product is makes use of activated carbon material to purify the water. The primary purpose of using activated carbon material in the purification process is because the material purifies sand, rust, and other solids too from the water, making it absolutely safe and free for consumption. The purifier is extremely efficient in its working and is able to remove up to 99% of the impurities and other substances that can contaminate the water.

The filter also has a huge capacity to store water. With 100 gallons of clean and pure water, the machine definitely makes a suitable option for families as they would never fall short of clean water by means of this machine. The multi standard thread converter can be easily installed on different taps on the filter ensuring that one can enjoy unfiltered and filtered water as and when required. We would also like to mention that the purifier is available at an affordable price in your nearest store and can prove to be a powerful tool to ensure the health and happiness of the family.

What we liked about the product

No doubt, the product that we are talking about is the best distilled water purifier in the list of distilled water purifier reviews. This particular product has it all what it takes to be the best in the field. What we really liked about the product is the use of activated carbon to purify the water which accounts for the fact that the water is purified to its very core, making it absolutely safe and free to use and consume.

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How do we select the best water purifier in our list?

When we were asked to review the best water purifiers, we adopted a consumer-centric approach which is to say that we evaluated and analyzed each product from the point of view of the customer to see if the product actually suits the needs of all the customers or not. We took great care to see that all the products in our list are the ones with a strong exterior. Therefore we went for stainless steel which is the best material for support structures to ensure that the filter has all it takes to be the best water purifier system. Apart from that, we also kept in mind to see that the quality of the product is not to be compromised with. For this, we made sure to cross check that all the purifiers that form a part of our list are made of superior quality materials.

While selecting the best water purifier, one also needs to be sure of the capacity of the water that the purifier is capable of holding. As much as possible, we make sure to include only products that are sufficient to be used in families. The method of purification and distillation of water is also something to consider before buying. The mechanism used by the filter is something that is extremely important to pay attention to. We make sure that all the products that form a part of our list make use of the best and most efficient method of cleaning water so that the distilled water is able to provide maximum protection against germs and other impurities.

Why do you need the best water purifier in your kitchen?

A water purifier these days is not a luxury but a necessity. The pollution and use of chemical treatments all contribute equally in degrading the quality of the water. In such a situation, a water purifier becomes the need of the situation. Water purifiers ensure the health and safety of the family members in your house and the consumption of pure water is not just limited to drinking but is also used for the purpose of cooking as well. Apart from that there are places across the world where it is mandatory to have a water filter because the quality of the water is so that one just cannot drink it directly from the tap. The water contains substances like cadmium and brass which are considered to be lethal and the purifier cleans the water immediately making it the best portable water purifier.

The water purifier is also a means to upgrade your standard. Although these purifiers are becoming more of a necessity these days, yet there is no doubt that purchasing a water purifier definitely uplifts your standards. Apart from providing pure water, these heaters are also add another dimension to your standard of living.

Thus, the water purifier is an indispensable part of your kitchen and purchasing one yourself will make a huge difference in your kitchen habits and health at the same time. So, go on order the product from either online or offline but make sure to ask the seller about the specifications of the product.

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