Circulon Symmetry Non-stick Frying Pan


Circulon Symmetry Hard-Anodized Nonstick French Skillet Twin Pack, Black

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There are several different sizes you can choose from. Interestingly, Circulon also offers different colors. You can choose between black, chocolate, chocolate brown, and merlot. We chose the nine and 11-inch set in each color so that we could see the difference.

These two pans are made from hard-anodized aluminum. The material is twice as strong as stainless steel and designed for durability. The handle is equipped with a rubber grip that nicely compliments its stainless steel frame.

The inside of the pans has three layers of non-stick coating. It’s PFOA free, and it’s safe to use metal utensils. The base has raised circles for better cooking. The circles make it easier to clean too.

The underneath of the pans is fitted with induction-suitable impact-bonded stainless steel. You can use them on all types of stovetops and in the oven up to 400 °F.

With the 9-inch and the 11-inch set, you’ll have the right sizes to cook any type of food. They can go in the dishwasher. Both are perfect for everyday use. There’s a hassle-free lifetime warranty.

What We Like About It:

We liked this set for the design. The colors are all sophisticated and emphasize its sleek design. The rubber grip matches the color of the pan. We also thought its weight was quite appropriate. Many chefs in our test group loved its heaviness, while the home cooks in our group didn’t find them too heavy.

The bases of the pans were thick. We noticed that it could handle higher temperatures. We tried cooking on various stove types, and we were impressed by how well they heat up on each type. Cooking was a dream. Chefs liked that they were a little deeper than others.

Lots of Amazon buyers marveled at the durability. Some were able to use theirs with moderate to heavy use, and the non-stick coating was still intact after three years.

We laughed at how naughty we all felt using metallic utensils in a non-stick pan. They didn’t seem to scratch or damage the coating. This impressed us greatly because there were a few stories of couples arguing over which utensils to use in the non-stick pan!

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